a note to you

Hello my woolie friends,

Many of you have seen cosymakes through the changes to this blog over the years. First, it was about my writing my thesis and all of the interesting reading of knitting history I was doing. There was lots of thinking and sharing about knitting. Then it became about me trying to make it as a fiber artist, writing my book. selling hats at craft fairs, spinning etc. Then it slowly became me designing knitwear and has now turned another bend.

cosymakes studio!

And with this bend, I’ve realized that there is no way I can or want to maintain two sites! So cosymakes.com is still me, doing my little fibery thing, it’s just going to be a bit more localized to Pittsburgh since I will talk about classes I teach and other such stuff here. I hope that, even if you’re a fan from far away places, you’ll stick around because I am still knitting and designing and I promise to do another shop update and get that Rainbow Chard and Light Fingering up that I haven’t had time to photograph yet… And there’s a design almost finished and another that will come along soon.

And if you must jump ship, safe travels.  It was nice having you along for part of my journey.

p.s. You’ll notice blog posts jumping from the studio blog to here over the next week. Just catching up so that all of my stuff is in the same place!