now is the time…

for dyeing. see that big brown box under these newly dyed skeins of snapdragon fingering? it’s full of yarn. and there’s a sister box too.

big boxes of yarn

and that brings me to the point. i am dyeing all the yarn i need for the next several months… and so if you have any particular yarn you’ve been wanting to try in any particularish colorway, with no obligation to buy you can right now send a little note my way or comment on this blog post and your wish will be my command.  unless, of course, i already dyed that colorway.  i don’t do exact colors, as you probably know, but if you want a dark bluish purple – i could totally try to get that for you.

i have some of each of my yarns to dye still, so let your voice be heard!

handspun update

first of all, thanks for all of the baby and soaker love! it made my day :)

handspun update!

going up in the shop today!  i’ve been having lots of fun taking one colorway and plying it with another.  both of the top yarns were made that way.  i can’t encourage it enough.  and there is actually more than one skein of each of these, with the exception of the upper left.

have a great day!

p.s. and here’s this month’s newsletter, if you’re interested.

rainbow chard!

it has been a while since a rainbow chard update has graced these pages… but here it is!

rainbow chard update!

i dyed 4 skeins of each color, but a couple sold at pgh knit and crochet, so check quantities if you have a project in mind.  there’s also one more colorway, but the mosaic did not permit me to get it in, so it’s a surprise over in the shop.

rainbow chard is the perfect yarn for these patterns: baby beau, baby belle, beau, belle, reflection hat, baby eggplant, and the snow cat hat. it also is very nice mixed and matched with commercial and handspun yarns.