jonah’s sweater

first of all, thanks for the advice on the applied i-cord.  i did it before blocking.  and speaking of that particular i-cord, here it is in its applied and then blocked form:

jonah's sweater

it’s a commissioned baptismal sweater for the same babe who gets the blanket mentioned below!  i plan to publish the pattern some day. it’s made out of recycled sweater wool/angora and knit on size 5 needles at a gauge of 6 sts to the inch. in order to publish i think i will need to knit another one out of commercial yarn, so it may be a bit. this one is going to be in action this sunday… and i predict it will be a bit big on the 3 mo. old. we did a 6 mo. old size so it can be used with future children also.  i love how it turned out!  what a fun challenge.

and surprise!
jonah's sweater - surprise!

now that we are heading into the darkest parts of the year, i was wondering if you all would do me the favor of keeping the cheer up with your recommendations!  i read a lot of blogs- lately it has been a bit more skimming than reading, but that’s how it is. and now i’d like a bit of new inspiration… so i want to know what your blog is! and what particular blog you’ve been digging lately. if you don’t have your own blog, comment with just your currently most inspiring read.  and while you’re at it, what do you like about that particular blog?

get it?!? jonah…
jonah's sweater - fish fish

p.s. here’s jonah’s blanket. the pics are on my friend cheryl’s blog and  the blanket itself is currently blocking on my bedroom floor.

p.p.s.  a knitting/yoga friend found EZ’s autograph in a book at the public library. un-freaking-believable and unspeakably awesome.  what to do!

p.p.p.s.  can you tell i feel a bit absent from the blog?  i have so much to say!  i finally feel like i might be getting back in the swing of things over here.  thanks for sticking with me through the crazy months.

p.p.p.p.s. you can also now become a fan of cosymakes on facebook.

in its entirety and the buttons mama chose
jonah's sweater


to refurbish

hats that didn’t sell getting a bit of a sprucing up.

reduce hat (sad this one didn’t sell in its previous state)

reduce hat

be my valentine hat (i thought the super fuzzy angora was enough of a draw, but apparently not! so voila! buttons)

be my valentine hat

pushing through the soil hat (used to be plain – i reallly like how the puffy handspun looks on this one)

pushing through the soil hat

garage sale find

we went to the annual regent square garage sale yesterday and surprise! i found a presto chango – a pattern i’ve actually considered making

garage sale find!

i’m pretty sure it’s superwash wool.  it cost $1 and came with a yellow insert.  i’ll have to figure out sizing to come up with who will get this one… and i think i need to change the buttons :)  fun to find a pattern i recognized!  although i always have mixed feelings about the $1 thing.

sweet yarn

while cleaning the yarn room this week, i found these two little gems.

chadwick's red heart sock and sweater

chadwick’s red heart
‘ready-to-knit pull-out skein
save time – no winding
100% virgin wool 3 ply 1 oz

and the sweetest part:
chadwicks's red heart sock and sweater
why didn’t red heart keep this up?!? come to think of it, why did they ever quit making wool…

lovely little ball of vintage angora
vintage angora
vintage angora
it might need to be made into something for the babe.

have a fabulous saturday!

weather update

pittsburgh is hilarious in the spring. one day rainy, one day sunny, one day half rainy/half sunny.  you really never know what you’re going to get.

weather update
1. chance of percipitation, 2. torrential/partly cloudy/mostly sunny/rain likely, 3. gusting winds, 4. clearing skies/north winds/morning fog, 5. overcast, 6. sprinkle/scattered showers/sunny, 7. rain showers, 8. all of the family, 9. scattered showers

these will be up in the shop later today!

p.s. later later today – that is, whenever etsy decides to work. grrr.


i was very silly to think that there might not be much blogging this week.  my mother-in-law (katie) arrived yesterday and already there has been yarn gifting.

love the labels on this one!! there’s certainly a sweater lot of this, although i don’t think i’ll be making myself a sweater out of it ;)

although my current place in the world lacks the vintage yarn i used to find, katie found a batch for me in alaska.  woo hoo!

8 skeins of the baby wool, 7 of the wool/moahair, and 5 of the wine red

buttons sorting.

got these a while ago at a craft swap, along with the yarn below, but never got around to sorting them yet!

finished object showing

katie’s most recent shawl, i spent last night wrapped up in it while too tired to move
katie's shawl
katie's shawl

later today there will be yarn store journeying! i love vacation at home.