hi everyone,
just stopping by to let you know that i’m the featured artist today on the blog Transpositions. if you haven’t been reading this blog for very long, you may not know that it started as a way to keep track my Masters in Christian Studies in Christianity and the Arts at Regent College, which was a show of knitwear.  if you enjoy my post on transpositions here are some more pages to check out:

-all the posts marked thesis on this blog
thesis show write up – the short and quick answer to the question what my thesis was all about
-the photos on flickr

pour vous

these pages include lots of knitting history and many thoughts on theology and knitting – as well as the physical knit objects.

it’s interesting how this blog has changed as i transitioned into claiming my place as a full time artist. i had more time as a student and was reading lots of knitting history to share, pondering the depths of knitting and community. i still think about the same things, i’ve just already said them here. so now you get lots of pretty pictures of woolie stuff.  plus, i must pay the bills.

p.s. i also recommend watching the blog Transpositions all week long – it’s domestic crafts week!  and there should be some great posts ranging from preserves, to cooking, to quilts, to radical homemaking.  i’ll also be responding to comments on my post over there, so feel free to comment.

Knit One, Embellish Too

the thesis show pics are now up on my flickr site! thanks liss!

and i also got the go ahead from my publisher to share the name of my book:

Knit One, Embellish Too: Hats, Mittens, and Scarves with a Twist.

i’m still a bit shy about the book thing, so i blush just to mention it. wonder when i’ll get used to it.  it kind of blind-sided me to begin with, and i’m still getting used to it months later.  i guess it’s a bit like getting married, it doesn’t seem real until after the fact.  speaking of, it should be published early next year (the publisher calls it spring).

thesis overview

i went to the show this morning to meet a couple of people who couldn’t make it to the opening on wednesday when i was there, so i’ve been thinking a bit about how to process this whole thing.

my friend jenn, on the way over this morning, had told her little girls that i had been working on this for over a year and one of them said “she must be really proud.”

and i’ve been asked a bunch if i’m happy with it. really, what i’m happy with is far larger than the show. i’m happy that i chose to knit instead of paint or write poetry. people have seen me working on these projects… i have taught for free within my community during this process, and the projects are nearly as much a part of the community as i am. with both painting and poetry i’ve always been unmotivated because i feel like an artist in a box. lock myself up in my house (or wherever) do my work, present my work. i don’t really buy into the art world or the gallery scene anyhow, so i’m not sure how that would have went had i gone in that direction. with knitting the process is much more organic and fits so much more into my life. it seems that i have been matched to an occupation.

the other thing that makes me overly jubilant about this show is the fact that i am actually making a difference in people’s lives. i’m not saying that paintings and poetry don’t, but i especially feel it here. i’ve been thanked by so many people for thinking and writing about knitting and theology. it seems to me that it was a worthy thing to think about… worth it for me and worth it for those around me.  i’m touched that i can be a voice within the community of knitters, but i’m especially touched and honored by being allowed to be the voice of women older than me and women throughout time who have found knitting particularily incarnational.  shannon (whose blog i love) has some lovely thoughts on the knitting history over here – and i agree with her whole-heartedly.

one of my friends said to me that my exhibit is so me, and i said, “yeah, but remember when i came here? this wasn’t me then.” and she replied something like, “but it was” to both of us nodding.

so here i am, me. trying to meet a book deadline by next wednesday with a disaster for a house and less stress in my shoulders, moving on.

thesis show

welcome to my thesis show! these are pre-show pics, as you can tell by my shoes here and my coat and bags here.  there are about 8 pictures over on flickr if you’d like to peruse. the whole thesis set is here.

sorry about the quality – it was bright and sunny and hot when i showed up to finish setting up.

as predicted, with three of us showing it was packed for nearly the whole time. usually it peters out by 7, but we got kicked out of the building because they needed to lock up at 7:45. i had alissa take some pictures during the opening and so i’ll put those up soon. i hope people come back when there’s less of a crowd! the built up stress slowly left throughout the evening. i was very squinty and tired when it was over. yay! it’s over!

on the other hand, i could talk about wool and knitting for hours.  i gave lots of brief spinning demos and chatted with everyone.  one of my friends said “your first gallery show!” and i couldn’t help but laugh.  what knitters who knit practical items have gallery shows?  perhaps my only gallery show, and i’m okay with that.

plans for today? there’s yarn everywhere, so maybe some cleaning. haven’t seen the whole of my kitchen table for weeks. i have a book deadline early next week and i need to work on the projects. but that will all be relaxing with this over. maybe a bath…

hand dyed handspun yarns

that i cobbled together last night for the show. seems i have mostly pastels. must be what i’ve been dyeing and spinning lately. too bad i didn’t have any time to prepare for this part! here are two photos of the hand dyed yarn i managed to find around the house (and am willing to maybe part with…).

i’m spending today working on the recycled sweater yarns.

i’ve been talking and thinking a lot lately about the expansion of my store – so i guess i’m jumping in with both feet in a two day period. crazy!  most things that don’t sell at the gallery will make their way into the store sooner or later.  yay!  more stuff to put up in my ever languishing store.

all set up!

after a very chaotic morning that almost made me laugh.  no pics of it today, but i promise some thursday.  i also handed in my two papers. 

and it looks like i’ll be selling recycled wool, hand dyed recycled wool, and handspun yarn also.

have i mentioned that i’ve never done that before? and i have no idea how to price such an endeavor… i guess i better learn quick. i’ve got my work cut out for me for the next two days!

p.s. i’ve managed to loose one of the lithuanian socks in my house.  i refuse to go into a panic and dig through everything, so i suppose if i don’t find it there will only be one in the show.  i’m stressed out enough as is!

ribbed scarf

three balls of mountain colors wool, all slightly different
very wide and very long
size 8 straight metal needles

based on a description of old scarves, really wide but not quite as long as theirs. the description said that people would put it over their ears, wrap it around their neck and throw it back over their shoulders. i did take some photos and i cannot really imagine that looking good on anyone. so yes. big, long, warm scarf that i like wearing this way. i still can’t help but feel that it’s more like a stole (except that i made it ribbed). perhaps it is somewhere in the middle.  either way, glad to be done with it and have the pictures taken.

booklets and extra time in the gallery

almost done with them – just the historical pieces to go! and pretty much done with the papers too. now to make a huge pile of all of the stuff that needs to go to the gallery on monday… (including furniture…)

for the curious, the title of my paper is “Speaking Eloquently on Behalf of Wool: Knitting as a Relevant Focal Practice for the Modern World”

and lastly, i’d like to thank everyone for their support, interest, and kind comments over the course of this project.  i usually email responses back when i get comments, but for these last few posts before the project goes up i won’t have time.  plus, i fear we’ll have all forgot what we said before i get around to it.  so, your words are taken to heart and thank you!

UPDATE:  I’ll also be in the gallery on friday morning around 10 if anyone can’t make the opening and wants to chat with me about the exhibit!

thesis show write up

this is what will be in the gallery booklet for people to take home with them.

I Reclaim: Knitting as Theological Reflection

In knitting I reclaim a lost domestic art that reaffirms family and home. I reclaim the idea that what we do daily and the items that we surround ourselves with are important and affect the quality of our lives.

I reclaim a rich tradition of provision, beauty, and care that has been passed down through the generations, as knitted garments and patterns are passed from hand to hand.

I reclaim the good gifts of God in natural fibers and use them to good ends that glorify Him. I spin wool from sheep. I recycle sweaters that have had too little thought put into their manufacture and create from them new, lively beauty.

And lastly, I reclaim for myself and for my neighbors, students, and friends the image of God given to us by a good creator ‘to make’ and be creative creatures ourselves. I nestle myself into Genesis one, reaffirming and revitalizing my relationships with God, His earth, and other people.