plotting, planning, and practicing

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plotting and planning

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here’s what we have tentatively planned for fiber arts camp, thanks to all of you who helped me with your fabulous ideas!

beads and snakes

i’m not very good at felting, but it’s fun! my snake wiggled free one of his pipe cleaners and you can see the pipe cleaner under his chin. i fully expect the kids to be better at this than i am.  the front bead is made of yarn, the others are made of roving.  does anyone know if these really need hot water poured over them?  they seem pretty felted to me…

with the hooks you see in the top

adina already has planned some weaving – bags or little cardboard loomed pieces and i picked up some yogurt containers that can be used to weave in and out of to make little baskets. to which i might like to add some paper weaving we’ll see.  we’re also planning lots of knitting, needle felting, sun printing, and tie dye.

snakey face

sounds like we have plenty of stuff!  now we just need to organize ourselves :)  i’m hoping for good weather so we can do lots of this outside.

green apple february baby sweater

i took a break from my lady sweater to make the baby sweater it is based on. it’s a sample for a class i’m slated to teach at the the shop. i also delivered this bsj there for a bit.

february baby sweater

recycled banana republic sweater – lambswool/nylon/cashmere
so soft and so baby

another totally fun and ingenious knit brought to you by Elizabeth Zimmermann.

now to the issue at hand… which buttons do i use?

sorry for the bad photo. the colors are more accurate in the top one.
february baby sweater

i’m leaning toward the ones you see lined up here, but the card of little shiny olive green ones are tempting me. this sweater is so cute and old-timey that the little shiny buttons might have been made for it back in the day. i’m also quite enamored with the little flower at the top of the current row. hmmm. any opinions?


recent – as of last thursday – i am now teaching knitting as well as spinning at the yarn store!! i love teaching, so this is a very welcome expansion of my job description.  i also feel like teaching is a big part of who i am as a person… so it will help to make the fiber arts job more whole too.

me teaching melissa, my friend’s daughter
teaching melissa

the classes don’t appear to be up on the website yet, but i’m doing a baby surprise sweater/february baby sweater class just to get people started and help them to understand EZ, beginning knitting, creative accessory design (based on my book!!) and something this store calls ‘Knit with Cosy’ which is essentially, get help on whatever you need help on or continue another class or learn anything i know that you want to know… you get the picture!  and, of course, i’m still teaching spinning.

there’s also another Knit One opening in Cranberry/Mars and I’ll be there every other Friday! I’m sooo excited to be teaching again. huzzah!

to spin…

last night i taught my second spinning class. i’m pretty excited to be back teaching something again, especially something i love.

in honor of all of the new spinners, here’s some of my first spinning

first colorful handspun

and what it became

handspun panta

it now belongs to my friend becca… and looks sooo much better on her.

here’s a post by one of my fabulous students from the first class! doesn’t her yarn look great? little tiny skeins of handspun make me happy. my friend sue also brought in the two little skeins she did to tuesday knitting group.

anyhow, because of spinning one being only two hours and some people wanting more support than that, i’m now teaching a spinning two class also! phew! suddenly i’m very very busy. plus the store is looking into having a spinning wheel sample to let people try and maybe stocking some spinning wheels? we’ll see! i’m also thinking of a knitting with your handspun class.

spinerly stuff in the mail too…

the whole family

the note that came with read:
When I discovered the $1 and .50 bins at open barn day at my friends’ farm, Liberty Ridge, I couldn’t resist picking up all these little balls of handspun for you.
Merry Christmas,

little ones

did i just say something about little skeins of handspun making me happy? i think i’ll go put them under the tree – thanks sarah! just a side note, sarah is one of my fiber friends for life. we took spinning lessons together in vancouver. she’s also an amazing producer of handspun, handknit garments. check out her flickr here if you’d like some serious inspiration. she’s a brilliant craftswoman.

spinning 101

spinning 101

today i teach my first group spinning lesson! it’s full – six people. it filled up really quickly, so i have another one thursday night which has at least 2 people in it. should be an adventure :) and an adrenaline rush after an advent church service.