i have been knitting

really! it started out with finishing the legs on these two soakers a few weeks after the babe made his appearance… and now he needs this size because he is a giant.  no newborn things for him!  in hindsight, i probably shouldn’t have even bothered with the newborn sizes.  alas. raveled here and here.

rainbow chard soaker
handspun soaker

then i almost finished this tomten, but misplaced (ahem) the last ball of yarn for the end of the sleeve so, later i guess. the yarn is handspun dyed for the falkland fiber club – colorway pacific.  a bit greener in person. raveled here.

m's tomten

and then i went on to work on this, but also can’t find any more of the yarn… you can see the first color in the blanket here. the handspun is next. raveled here.


and what’s with all this yarn loss? well, the studio is moving! into a larger space in our house. you can see the last very small space here. i’m hoping to start teaching more and having open houses for the business at least once a month, where people can come hang out and/or buy things.

grandmama made

it’s my estimated due date! but i’m pretty certain there will be no babe today – which is fine. it will come some time. in the meantime, i’m still sorting through things and getting things ready, pulling out the little little things.

recycled wool soakers

yesterday i lanolized some soakers for the first time, including these two recycled sweater ones that my mom made.  note the animal type shape on the butt of the one. i think she couldn’t decide what she wanted it to be, so left it vague.  she was also having a hard time finding sweaters where she lives, so i sent her a box full… and so in the winter expect more of these cuties!  and hopefully some little felted wool pants.

knit taggy blanket

some time last week i sorted stuff by somewhat age appropriateness (or what i guessed to be age appropriate…) and found this little taggy blanket my mom made.  the front is handknit cotton and the back is lined in cotton fabric.  i’m pretty sure she stole the tags off of a not very good shape blanket she found at the thrift store.  and that, my friends, is where my thriftiness comes from.  anyhow, i love it and it will be one of the first things the babe will get.

more small things to come tomorrow!

p.s. i have 2 weeks to have this baby and you have 2 weeks to take advantage of the birth month pattern sale!  don’t forget :)

more baby butt covers

yup. these ones have been hanging around for a while, but i just finished sewing in the ends.  i call these ones baby’s clown pants because ben thinks they are crazy.  i told him that he doesn’t have to wear them ;) raveled here.

clown pants

maggie’s pattern, as always.

sick knitting

and the bee longies, which might need a bee embroidered on them. we’ll see. raveled here.

i must say, this is a brilliant way to use up the stash.  i have three more partially completed – 2 vanilla soakers and another size medium longies.  i’m knitting pretty slowly now though and i think that will be it for woolie covers until after the baby comes.

your socks…

are my baby pants. what i mean is, they come in twos. i knit one, memorize the pattern, and then, when i accidentally have nothing else to knit, i find some yarn and cast on for a second. especially if i need to take knitting somewhere with me – kind of like the sock that everyone else i know takes with them.


these two are both from the book knitting wool diapers covers from start to finish by maggie broderick. maggie lives two blocks from me and i taught her how to spin yarn. she’s also expecting her third babe.  thanks for the great pattern maggie!

rainbow baby pants

peruvia longies

butt gusset! if i’ve learned anything from knitting gear for the baby’s bottom, it’s that short rows and gussets can be knit in many many ways. it makes me want to buy more longie patterns just to see how they all differ.

butt gussets

the peruvia ones are size medium, and the grey ones are shorter legged larges.  i ran out of grey.

useful and addictive.  expect more.

rainbow longies raveled here. peruvia longies raveled here.

1950’s soakers

so. just to forewarn, this will not become a baby blog. but i am still going to show you everything i knit and when the baby comes, i’m sure we will need some baby in knits photos. today i want to show you some things my mom knit.


1950s good housekeeping soakers

unfortunately out of superwash, because the lady at the yarn store didn’t know what she was talking about. but whatever, the babe will wear these as diaper covers, if i can’t get them to work well as soakers.

1950s good housekeeping soakers

super cool because they’re from good housekeeping patterns from the 1950s.  being a sucker for knitting history, i’m certainly tempted to try some vintage patterns for these myself. thanks mom!  i love them.

p.s. and if you’re interested – a 24 week belly pic and the set with all the belly pics.

newborn soakers

i made 2 newborn wool soakers for the impending using the curly purly pattern. they’ll be outgrown so quickly that i figured two would last me, along with other misc diapers covers i have and my plan to make at least one wrap style soaker.  that said, we’ll see.  i really have no idea what i’m doing ;)

the blue is a soft wool single from the stash and the green is wool with a bit of alpaca.  raveled here.

newborn soaker

this one is a mishmash of yarn: the trim is stash, the rest are hand dyed by me and the bright yellow stripe in the middle is handspun.  raveled here.

newborn soaker

p.s. tomorrow’s update will be the published crossbow hat pattern.

wool pants

or, as ben calls them, pantaloons.  i, myself, prefer the term bloomers.  also, the first three knits i’ve intentionally made for the impending. all of these are variations on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s baby leggings pattern.  easy peasy and easy to memorize, which is exactly what i need when i’m dyeing wool.

baby leggins!

first up, a full size pair.  i made minor changes to all of these.  these have 49 stitch legs instead of continuing to shape.  lots of different kinds of wool in these ones!  i also left off the holes for the tie and made the ribbing longer.  rav link.

rainbow chard soaker

second i made these out of rainbow chard scraps.  they’re a bit bigger due to the aran weight yarn.  hopefully the babe won’t decide to potty train itself at bit more than one year old like i did!  then again, hopefully it will?  anyhow, i’m going to use them as a sample of rainbow chard for the yarn shows coming up.  rav link.

neon soaker

and lastly a neon pair made with snapdragon worsted – out of what was left over from this hat.  plus handspun bands and some commercial wool for the stripes.  rav link.

so fun!  the real question is will the babe have more pants than sweaters when all is said and done?  we’ll see.