Knit Purl Sampler Shawl


This shawl recipe allows you to sample a bunch of different knit and purl combination stitches to make an artful, beautiful, and airy shawl.

Yarn: 2 skeins Snapdragon Light Fingering, 700 yd [640 m] each. Besides the basic shawl recipe, I have also included exact instructions for the purple shawl in the pictures in which I used nearly one whole skein. If you choose to go this route, with only one skein, be prepared to fly by the seat of your pants a bit.

Needles: Size 7 US [4.5 mm] 24 in. [61 cm] circular needle, or whatever size you need to get gauge

Gauge: 5.25 stitches and 8.5-9 rows/in. [2.5 cm], in stockinet stitch after blocking

Finished Size:
Smaller (one skein), using almost the whole skein, after blocking – about 60 in. [152.4 cm] across and 20.5 in. [52.1 cm] deep
Larger (two skeins), after blocking – about 81.75 in. [207.6 cm] across and 36.5 in. [92.7 cm] deep

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Claro Stole

I have, once in a while, thrown some yarn support at another designer who I like. I do this mostly on a whim and if it is a person I know or have had contact with several times.  One of those is Amy.
Amy is a brilliant designer (and architect, if you can’t tell from her designs). And she made an AMAZING stole out of my yarn – the Claro Stole.
The only unfortunate thing about this one, for me, is that I will have to wait at least a year until I get my brain back from baby number two to make this. But I think it is brilliant and worth the knit.
And what could make it better than ingenious construction and beauty? It only takes one skein of Snapdragon Light Fingering. Now you should click here and go look at all the beautiful pictures of it and drool.

Thanks again Amy!

sampler shawl

geesh. i need to get better organized! my time has been gobbled up by some designing i’ve been doing with the knit the bridge yarns for their indiegogo campaign… on a time line. that is why it seemed like i was in this space, then not in this space, and now i hope to maintain a goal of at least 2 posts a week. we’ll see if that works.
sampler shawl
i knit this last summer!  in the car on the way across the country.
sampler shawl
and then in the fall i took some not so good pictures of it.  twice.  and now finally i have a couple of decent ones.
sampler shawl
of course i’ll have to take more when i get around to writing up the pattern…
one skein of snapdragon light fingering. raveled here.

hope all is well with you!

Triangle Shawl Workshop

scrappy prayer shawl
Sunday January 13th, 2-4, $25

Learn the basics of triangular shawl knitting. We’ll cover how they get to the basic shape, examine different sorts of increases, and work out how to get a garter border so that stockinet won’t roll. We will also talk about altering to shape to get a tie shawl and how to insert patterns.

Bring with you yarn and needles. We will make mini shawls during the class, but you’ll leave ready to make your own big shawl!
triangle shawls
Email with any questions or if you’d like to sign up for the class.
See the event on facebook here.

orange springling

sorry about the down time friends!  i’ve been busy with Indie Knit and Spin!  I’m super excited for the show… we have lots of great vendors.
orange springling
orange springling
so this shawl. the color is mostly not right, but that’s the way it is when you knit in the brightest orange you can dye!  you can come see it at the studio (or here!) if you must see it in person ;) i made this one this summer while traveling, partially as a sample for the studio and partially because i wanted one.
orange springling
orange springling
it’s okay to be two-minded, right? made from snapdragon light fingering, one skein.
on ravelry here.

what’s going on?

it has been busy over here!  my husband, who is an adjunct professor at 2 colleges/universities, is done for his semester.  which gives me a bit of time to work… meaning business work, but also housework and other odds and ends. sadly, not quite as much woolie work as i would want.

this sweater just needs the underarms grafted.  but it doesn’t need to be done right now, so probably won’t be.

almost done!

three baby patterns just need the math written up so i can get them to test knitters.


baptismal vest


i’ve been busting out a shawl for a friend who is moving away very soon.  there will also be a pattern for this one.

shawl in progress

and i need to spin some hair for a doll my mama is making the babe.  who, by the way, is passing the baby stage entirely too fast!

plus, my biggest wish, is to get the studio in a decent state so i can start having open studios in the fall!  but i’ve got all summer to do that minus big trips to MT, AK, and a cross country drive.  we’ll see.  this week we’ve been enjoying ben’s break with long walks, trips to the park, home cooked meals, and plenty of daddy/baby jogging/walking expeditions.  not to mention, naps for all.  and today i got to sleep in until 9.

and i’ve been particularly enjoying this.

i heart clothes lines

hope you’re having a nice spring!

springling tests!

first, the winner of the knitgrrl book is… number 28. that is the lovely charity over at atomicLuLu. congrats and i’ll be sending it along!

and now the tests – the version with more lace, done by wordlily, more info over here on her blog

and Debi made this smashing orangish-pink one with the lace border.  on rav here.

my other tester seems to have fallen from the face of the earth, so i hope she’s doing alright. i’ll show you hers when i get a photo of it. this was my first pattern with yarn support, so all of these are made from single skeins of snapdragon light fingering. fun!

and thanks again for your lovely knits, ladies!

p.s. this post is a pre-cursor to 60! skeins of snapdragon light fingering that i dyed this week and will be putting up in the shop on sunday the 1st – an early update this week to coincide with some ravelry ads.