five senses friday – nov 12th

seeing – sunshine. lots of sunshine this week. and, because of the clear nights, cold finally, so
smelling – crisp, crisp air


hearingavatar: the last airbender so good!

touching – still re-skeining


tasting – apple muffins a friend brought over


five senses friday – end of october

touching: a gigantic swatch for the shirley paden workshop i’m taking this sunday

giant swatch

tasting: white pizza – the first i’ve made

white pizza

seeing: leaves falling – no freeze yet, although maybe tonight


hearing: people talk about how bad the ad campaigns are this year, but hearing none of the ads themselves

smelling: vinegar from dyeing – these are for church knitting group, so they don’t need to be re-skeined, but also rainbow chard and snapdragon fingering

newly dyed

five senses friday – first of october

the slackerly version. we have relatives visiting.

touching: book knits!

ripe bananas

hearing: npr. all things considered is a part of my daily routine if i’m around the house. love it.  it marks the time when i start moving out of work mode and into dinner planning/cooking mode.

seeing: book knits!

bumble vest

tasting: i finally managed my first loaf of bread of the fall. yay! cold enough weather to bake again.

smelling: basil! a throwback pic from last year… i really need to process it into pesto soon. sadly, i think this will be my only putting up for winter.

monster basil plant

five senses friday – first friday of autumn

tasting: tea – all sorts, herbal, black, green – a lot of my favorite kinds come from here

tea cosy!

touching: book knits again! it’s about time. i’m finally feeling back in the swing of things.

seeing: snapdragon and a wee bit of spinning for a project for ebook 2

spinning and snapdragon

hearing: librivox mysteries – i’m currently on an anna katherine green binge.

smelling: stinky beans cooking

white beans

for jeanne lemlin’s mediterranean white bean salad from Simple Vegetarian Pleasures. i couldn’t find it on-line, so perhaps a recipe and a photo later in the week?

five senses friday – september 17th

tasting: roasted vegetables – roasted root vegetables, which i serve over kasha, and also this roasted beet salad which i will be taking to a party tonight. is it mean to try to force beets upon people? ;)

roasted beet salad

smelling: leaf decay (bonus mushroom pic – although i didn’t smell them)

frick park

hearing: the drum line from the local high school.  they’re good and they regularly march around the block.

seeing: fence building in the backyard – they’ve been there all week

fence building

touching/feeling: new hats coming off of the needles for craft fair season


five senses friday – september 10

i’ve been wanting to get this blog back to being a bit more personal.  it certainly started out having more thrifting and food and other things i do in it.  and let me tell you, i always want to talk about food, but the light’s never good when i have it to photograph.  no more excuses!  if you’ve been reading a while, you’ll know that ben and i have a sabbath practice… and that because ben works in a church, we celebrate our sabbath on friday.  so friday is the perfect day for this practice too – a time to step back from the work of the other 6 days and reflect a bit.  my fear, however, is that you’ll still find me the same… i do dye/knit/spin etc full time you know ;)

i pulled this from the lovely fibery shannon, but i believe its origin is elsewhere.

A weekly ritual of sensual reflection, adopted from Abby’s blog. Play along if you wish, in the comments or link to your own blog.

tasting: tabouli! local parsley, garlic, tomatoes (some our own), and onions.  if our roommate liked peppers, there would also be local peppers.

tasting: tabouli

smelling: newly dyed wool – as i mention every time, i had to tidy/rework my work space again.  this time i have way more shelf space for wool which was very needed due to the new yarn line.

smelling: newly dyed wool
new work space

hearing: kittens – i’m waiting for animal friends to call with a date for us to low cost spay/neuter these two.  in the meantime, one likes to meow at me from the window sill.

hearing: kittens

touching/feeling: the september wind

touching/feeling: the september wind

seeing: this show at the warhol