marian seaman scarf

i finally finally finished my christmas knitting this year and am planning to mail the package out this week.  this is for my mom.

marian seaman scarf

she likes scarves that are wide, fit well around her neck and tuck into her coat to keep her extra warm, so i thought a seaman scarf would be perfect for her.  i learned about them from this fabulous book.

marian seaman scarf

i used the beauty of a yarn that is alpaca with a twist, baby twist. size 7 needles. the yarn is so soft and really a great deal. here’s a close-up of the lace pattern.

marian seaman scarf

i made each side of this one from the bottom up and then did the scary thing that is grafting over ribbing. um. scary. so when i write up the pattern, it just may say good luck in that space :)

ben’s striped scarf

what is that they say about the cobbler’s child having no shoes? ben usually gets knit for on accident, although i did make him driving mitts last winter.

ben's scarf 2

and now i’ve made him a scarf!  he’s always wanted a scarf.  can you believe i’ve never made him one?  i can’t.

rachel calls this ben looking intense and european
ben's striped scarf

this was going to be for christmas.  i had bought the yarn and was knitting it on the sly, but we are heading to alaska in about a week – and so the deadline got moved up.  if i’ve seemed a bit off lately, it’s because his mom katie got diagnosed, had surgery, and is now in chemo for cancer in the span of a couple of weeks.  there has been a lot of family knitting going on.  ben’s scarf.  handspun socks for me.  chemo caps for katie.  comfort to be had and comfort to be given.  anyhow, ben loves his scarf.  he even went as far as to wish it wasn’t 70 degrees outside so he could wear it.  all i have to say about that is just wait a week…

ben's scarf 1

p.s. and the winner of the reflection hat patterns are: 16, 20, 29, 22, and 6. congrats!

p.p.s. the guidelines for this scarf is available here on rav and here on brooklyntweed’s blog.

ben's scarf 3

mom’s sampler scarf

mom finished her scarf! she likes them wide and short. we did a 3 stitch garter edge so that  she could choose whatever she wanted to put in the middle.

mom's scarf

the repeating on the second side was a bit rocky, but not bad for someone who hasn’t knit in 50 years. now she can wear it when she gets off the plane in montana tomorrow. brrr.

waterfall scarf kits!

i unveiled and sold a couple of waterfall scarf kits at the last craft fair. i’ve been thinking about this for a while, a way to give unsure people something to do with my handspun. plus, at least for this project, the money you have to spend isn’t as high as some of my other skeins because the yarn is a single and you don’t need that much yardage.  here’s the one that finally made me think i was on to something (after much experimenting).

waterfall scarf kit
waterfall scarf kit

the kits come with a copy of the pattern and a 140 yd skein of yarn. although this one is CVM, i think i’m going to stick with softer wools like falkland and bfl.  maybe some south african fine.

waterfall scarf kit
waterfall scarf kit

i’m also planning on coming out with a hat kit some time in the near future – something that mixes both some handspun and regular yarn.  the prototype is done, but now i have to spin for it.

p.s. this lovely model is rachel.  you’ll be seeing more of her because she’s going to be ben and my new housemate.  her and two kitties who i will also introduce you too when the time comes.

have a great weekend!


let us catch up! first, thanks for all the sweet comments on the Reflection Hat pattern :) what a warm reception!

secondly – when i started selling roving in february, i did not realize how satisfying it would be to watch people make finished objects out of my dyed roving, but boy! is it.

janknit’s Handspun Fiddlehead, from this roving. more photos in her flickr if you don’t have a rav account.


julianna’s Handspun Optic Waves made from this roving.  and her blog entry


you ladies are so awesome!! beautiful beautiful works. thanks for letting me share them.

p.s. and in more personal news, i am no longer pregnant.  thanks in advance for condolences… and  i guess we try again in a month or two!

smurfette scarf

another sample for this show


my camera likes turquoise about as much as it likes green. hrmph.


from this yarn.
only 110 yards/3 3/4 oz
knit on size 17s ~ and i would have gone even larger. i am a big fan of handspun scarves knit on large needles because it shows off the handspun so nicely. people always look at me skeptically when i recommend really big needles at craft fairs.


i don’t know how many times i can say it, but i love knitting with handspun! i didn’t actually like this yarn all that much, but i love it knit up, the variation in color shows off way better.

p.s. apparently my newsletter is archived (who knew?), so if you’d like to see the first one: here it is!