orange soda

getting a package together for a good friend this sabbath. she really likes orange.

orange soda

here’s my original. i always get asked if mine is for sale at craft fairs.

other things i’m doing today:
staying out of the rain
listening to back issues of craft sanity because i finished at the back of the north wind
working on my first sweater (for me)
reading walker percy’s love in the ruins
eating pancakes for lent
and playing pandemic with my roommates

what are you all doing on your day/days of rest this weekend? or whenever you have them since mine is obviously not on the weekend…


this little piece


marks several firsts for me… first time really loving knitting with cotton and first time making a mitered square. the cotton is blue sky organic and it was lovely. i’m not going to go making a sweater out of it or anything, but i was quite impressed anyhow. the mitering? so fun. so fun in fact that, it being my sabbath, i continued to make more with some yarn that i had been eying all week. if anyone was planning to buy the yarn called my little pony from the shop, you’re too late ;) temptation was too great.


the first miter is for larissa’s dishcloth art project that you can read about here.

the other four? i have no idea what they are. maybe a tea tray and i’ll use the left over yarn for a granny square to grab the teapot handle with? oh… or a couple of handspun coasters for teacups?

any other ideas? any projects with miters that you have loved making? and speaking of, i’ve been admiring these beautiful mitered mitts. maybe they’ll be next… next meaning if i ever get around to them…

p.s. i got to use my hand made needles for all of these :)


you know how when you move somewhere it takes a while to find a schedule? we find this especially true when one of us is a student – and we have two students in our house right now, maybe soon to be three. not me. i’m a part time small business owner? and (appearantly) a part time yarn store employee. it has taken me this long to figure out when to dye in my new household, but even bigger scheduling things happened this week. obviously, i just got a job, but also, and more importantly, ben got a church job. we’re actually doubly excited about this because he’s going to be working at a church attached to a monastery. so part of this schedule is that we now have a regular sabbath (unless i’ve a saturday craft fair). since ben works sundays, we try to do our day of rest at another point in the week and today was/is/will be that day – friday night to saturday night it is.

anyhow, this morning by 10:30 saw ben curled up under a leopard print blanket playing video games in the tv room and me with a cup of tea, my back log of fresh air and the knitpicks podcast on itunes, sitting on an exercise ball knitting this

grandma's shawl

yup. grandma’s shawl. and it’s growing. maybe not as fast as emily’s, but it’s growing none-the-less. emily and i have decided to do an informal two person knit along about our shawls and i’ve a sneaking suspicion that she’ll be done WAY before me. she has knit 7 (yes seven) of the shawls out of folk shawls. i wish i were her :) right now i’m excited because i’m almost to the part marked ‘tails,’ a part of a shawl which i’ve never done before – i’m learning a lot about shawl shaping with this one!

another something that has become part of the scheduling is me cooking soup and having people over for knitting once or twice a month. part of that schedule is gwen and rich coming over from northern ohio. this week, gwen showed up with some lovely roving she dyed

a trade

to trade for a snow bunny for one of her friends. i obliged and knit one up right then and there. and guess what kind of wool this is? my FAVORITE – bfl. the problem? i want to spin it now and now i’m trying to spin to sell, do i sell it? i’m not sure that i can. sigh. oh lovely bfl, why tempt me? maybe i’ll spin it with the idea that if i love it spun up (you can never tell) i can keep it. i’m cheating, i know. mostly i’m pretty proud i haven’t kept the couple of skeins i already spun :) i do so love to knit with handspun.