it was once cold

and i decided that m did not have a warm enough hat or mittens… so i made these some time in january. and thought i’d re-size the set and publish the pattern, but it’s getting close to birth month and this might not happen.  so here.  on this 60 degree day, have a boy in the snow with his hat and mittens.
sea anenome mitts/hat
he chose the red skein of yarn and 2 of the other colors.  he also loves the giant pompom and calls it the sea anemone.
sea anenome hat
as he would say today – no hat, no mittens. and for some reason he always says ‘because you took your mittens and your hat off.’ both apply.

sharon’s mitts and hat

when a good friend turned 40 this year, i knew she needed something special. that is when i stole a skein of handspun she bought from me and knit these for her. i didn’t think she’d get around to doing it for quite a while otherwise ;)
i’ve always wanted to make these mittens by Elizabeth Zimmermann, because they look so awesome in handspun. so this seemed like a good time (ahem, excuse) to do so. raveled here.
then i had some yarn left, so i figured she needed a hat. i was tempted to make a reflection hat because they look so good in handspun, but no. couldn’t do that. instead i made her this tree hat. i’m thinking about writing up the pattern… we’ll see if i get around to it before the babe is born. raveled here.
and here it is on her head.

Knit the Bridge – the patterns

knit the bridge
A special collection of patterns made to commemorate the Knit the Bridge community-wide yarn bombing in Pittsburgh, PA (2013). Includes a super warm mitten pattern with a fingerless mitt option, a warm and woolie winter headband, and an earflap hat pattern with optional topper.
Yarn: Cosymakes Snapdragon Worsted (preferably one of the exclusive Knit the Bridge Colorways) 250(275, 295) yd [228.6(251.5, 269.7) m] for the mittens, 135 yd (123.4 m) for the headband, 100(120, 140, 175, 200, 215) yd [91.4(109.7, 128, 160, 182.9, 196.6) m] for the earflap hat

Needles: US size 8 and 9 [5 and 5.5 mm] for the mittens, US size 10.5 [4.5 mm] for the headband, US size 7 [4.5 mm] for the earflap hat

Gauge: 4 sts/in. [2.5 cm] on larger needle, with yarn doubled for the mittens, 7.5 sts/2 in. with yarn doubled for the headband, 5 sts/in. [2.5 cm] for the earflap hat

Sizes: 7 (8, 9) in. [17.8 (20.3, 22.9) cm] around for the mittens, one size – 19.5 in. [49.5 cm] long, not including tail, 5 in. [12.7 cm] wide for the headband, and Finished hat circumference 14.5(16.5, 18.5, 19.5, 20.5, 21.5) in. [36.8(42, 47, 49.5, 52.1, 54.6) cm]

When you click on the button below and follow through on the payment, a 10 page automatic download in pdf format will be delivered to your email address.


On Ravelry here. Or you can purchase each pattern separately for $4 each: Mittens, Headband, Earflap Hat
knit the bridge!

Reflection Mitts

Comfy colorwork mittens and fingerless mitts reminiscent of the twinkling reflection of stars on water.

Yarn: cosymakes Rainbow Chard or any aran weight yarn – approx. 135(160) yds [119(146) m] main color for mittens and 80(90) yds [73(82.3) m] for fingerless mitts, 35(40) yds [32(37) m] contrast color

Needles: size 8 US [5 mm] set of dpns or a long circular for magic loop, or whatever size needles you need to get gauge

Gauge: 4.75 sts/in. [2.5 cm] over colorwork pattern, after blocking

Sizes: 7.5(8.5 in.) [19(21.6 cm)] around. Sizes can be further manipulated by changing needle size or by increasing or decreasing by 4 stitches.

When you click on the button below and follow through on the payment, a three page automatic download in pdf format will be delivered to your email address.


Raveled here.  This pattern is all matchy matchy with this hat.

reflection mittens

mom’s brussels sprout mitts

at my mom’s request, she got some brussels sprout mitts for christmas this year
mom's brussels
made from my handspun (a fiber club colorway…) and some commercial wool.  raveled here.
mom's brussels
and my brother got this hat you already saw. i’m working on a couple more hats for some more boys, but i’ll show those when i’m done. overall, not too much knitting this year!  i’ve mostly been dyeing this week (see the few pics i took over here in the facebook group) and have spent most of vacation busting out some patterns. one baby vest almost ready to publish, one mitten/fingerless mitt pattern and a baby dress pattern with testers!  not to mention the lace shawl that got stuck in test knitting this summer :/  guess i should do something about that one.

i have in progress 2 colorwork mitten patterns, one colorwork hat pattern, 1 small sweater (also to be sized up with larger yarn to bigger sizes for all of my friends’ older boy children), another baby vest, and a little dress like coverup. i’ll show pics of the dress/cardi thing and the baby vest shortly. can’t show you everything all at once ;) and who knows how much i’ll really get done once ben goes back to work.  so there you have it.

i’ll try to get some photos of the new yarns for you to look at soon.  last dye day for quite a while is monday!  i’m grabbing everything undyed i can get my hands on.

happy new year!  xoxo  cosy

m’s mittens

it was cold last week! really it was (although 60+! now). and with that cold, i thought m needed something a bit more hard core in the mitten category.
m's mitts
i used the snow day mittens pattern from my book. although it is only worsted weight wool, by working it on a size 4 needle, you get a nice thick, warm, wind proof fabric. and the verdict is… from the very cold day when we went on a walk – his hands were still warm! i think the next pair i’ll give a round top instead of pointy. also i accidentally made them a bit too long, so i guess they may fit next year? ha!  the blue is snapdragon worsted. raveled here.
m's mitts
and these mitts have been brought to you by my mom visiting for a couple of weeks. there’s no way i would have been able to whip them out so fast otherwise. thanks mom! here are the 3 of us on a cold walk.
cold day walk

liz’s arm warmers

let us start with liz’s finished project (on ravelry here).  love them!

here’s the yarn she bought (two skeins are still available)

and i spun that yarn from this farm wool fiber club offering, targhee mohair blend from a farm in ohio


i must say i love seeing handspun from dyed to finished knit! and it’s even more fun when it’s a collaboration.

free pattern: striped glass mitts

striped glass mitts

It seems that every time I make a fold back mitt, I get asked for a pattern.  I made these as a commission for a Christmas gift and the recipient’s favorite color is, you guessed it, green!  And I wrote down a little recipe for you this time.  This particular pattern works best with one dark color and 1-3 other yarns that provide for some contrast in color and/or texture to both each other and the dark color.

Yarn: 100 yd [91.5 m] dark color aran weight wool (main color – mc) and 150 yd [137 m] of another color, I split this one up into 3 different colors
Needles: 7 US [4.5 mm] set of double–pointed needles, or whatever size needles you need to get gauge
Gauge: 4.75 sts/in. [2.5 cm]
Sizes: 8 in. [20.3 cm] hand circumference

free pattern: striped glass mitts

sts – stitches

Make one left (m1L) increase –
Place the strand between the two stitches on the left needle with the right side of the loop in the front. Knit through the back.

Make one right (m1R) increase –
Place the strand between the two stitches on the left needle with the left side of the loop in the front. Knit through the front.

Cast 38 sts onto double-pointed needles, using the dark color
Join in the round, being careful not to twist
Purl 1 round
Knit 6 rounds

Work for 3 in. [7.6 cm], striping as wanted. I worked 4 row stripes with 2 row dark stripes in between.

On the next round, place thumb where you would like it, paying attention to make the seam on the side or bottom of the mitt. When you reach where you want the thumb, place a marker, m1L, k1 stitch, m1R, place a marker, knit rest of round.

Work this increase round:
k to marker, slip marker, m1L, k to next marker, m1R, k to end of round
Every 2nd round twice
Every 3rd round 4 times
15 sts between markers

On the next round, place the thumb stitches (the sts between the markers) on a piece of scrap yarn, casting on one stitch over the gap and joining to complete the rest of the mitt body.

Continue in the striping pattern
I worked 2 more stripes
knit 1 round dark color to finish stripes
continuing in dark color, knit 1 round, increasing 2

Finish by working 2×2 rib so that when the top folds back, it is to the length you would like. I worked around 2 in. [5.1 cm].

Bind off.

Place thumb stitches on double-pointed needles, knit 6 rounds and bind off.

Repeat for the other mitt, sew in ends and enjoy!

my project is raveled here.

elevator mitts

elevator mitts

A playful fitted fingerless mitt pattern that uses elongated stitches to show off unique yarn.

Yarn: main color – 70(75, 80, 85) yd [59.4(68.5, 73, 77.7) m] aran weight wool, contrasting color – 30(30, 35, 35) yd [27.4(27.4, 32, 32) m] aran weight wool

Needles: 8-9 US [5-5.5 mm] set of double–pointed needles or circular for magic loop, or whatever size needles you need to get gauge

Gauge: 9 sts /2 in. [5 cm] in stockingnet stitch

Sizes: s(m, l, xl), to fit around a 7(7.5, 8, 8.5) in. [17.8(19, 20.3, 21.6) cm] hand – Note that these are fitted mitts sized for women’s hands, for men’s sizes, work at a larger gauge.

when you click on the button below and follow through on the payment, a two page automatic download in pdf format will be delivered to your email address.


on ravelry here. this pattern is also available with other handspun designs in the mixed knits ebook.