last day! and bonus wool in action pic

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peruvia longies in action!

sorry for the blur, but he’s a moving :) in the first pair of longies that fit him. they kind of fit him before, but they really fit him now that his legs have gotten a little longer, or stretched out. raveled here.

forest romper

forest romper

made from this pattern with some random hand dyed yarn from the stash.  the light blue is snapdragon worsted. i was trying to make a larger size, but alas.  in between my not paying attention to gauge (ha!) and he being a tall boy, it fits now. i think if i made it again, i’d add some stitches around the legs.

forest romper

i’m not going to use this one as a diaper cover, but i think i may block it to get a little more room in the crotch region. overall adorable and a fun pattern!  he might need a stripey one of these sooner or later, maybe with short sleeves?  we’ll see if i get around to it any time soon.  before that, he needs a wool sleep sack because our bedroom is cold.

forest romper


now, with the wee one at almost three and a half months old, i feel like i’m getting a bit back in the swing of things. and to that front, i’ve been knitting!

the gift lace has grown

ann's scarf

and i spun! a fiber club colorway from the past.


i’m making the bean a romper, which might just fit him now since i didn’t pay any attention to gauge (ahem.) so i better hurry!

gift wrap romper

and this next week, there will be dyeing! yay! when i’ll get the time to re-skein all of this dyeing, i don’t really know… but it’s good to be crafting. and some of this is just in time for indie knit and spin and handmade arcade.

and this one has been using his knits

babe using his knits