what’s going on?

it has been busy over here!  my husband, who is an adjunct professor at 2 colleges/universities, is done for his semester.  which gives me a bit of time to work… meaning business work, but also housework and other odds and ends. sadly, not quite as much woolie work as i would want.

this sweater just needs the underarms grafted.  but it doesn’t need to be done right now, so probably won’t be.

almost done!

three baby patterns just need the math written up so i can get them to test knitters.


baptismal vest


i’ve been busting out a shawl for a friend who is moving away very soon.  there will also be a pattern for this one.

shawl in progress

and i need to spin some hair for a doll my mama is making the babe.  who, by the way, is passing the baby stage entirely too fast!

plus, my biggest wish, is to get the studio in a decent state so i can start having open studios in the fall!  but i’ve got all summer to do that minus big trips to MT, AK, and a cross country drive.  we’ll see.  this week we’ve been enjoying ben’s break with long walks, trips to the park, home cooked meals, and plenty of daddy/baby jogging/walking expeditions.  not to mention, naps for all.  and today i got to sleep in until 9.

and i’ve been particularly enjoying this.

i heart clothes lines

hope you’re having a nice spring!

ann’s scarf

ann's scarf

one holidayish gift down.  this scarf is for ben’s professor who saw him through his masters and his playing certificate.  and got him the his job as adjunct professor.  she has been fabulous and deserves nothing less than kidsilk haze. also, she loves the color red.

ann's scarf

this was my first time knitting with kidsilk haze and it was lovely.  i did have to dig out some pointier needles than i started with and thank goodness i did.  i might not have survived otherwise ;)  i do believe i’ll knit this scarf again in my snapdragon light fingering.  it will be a sample and maybe a free pattern with a yarn purchase?  really i’m itching to use this lace pattern in a circular shawl, so we’ll see.  first, christmas gifts must be knit!

ann's scarf

i used a size 7 or 8 needle and altered the lace pattern a wee bit.  all i have to say is thank goodness i changed lace patterns to something more baby brain friendly.  that way it didn’t take me 2 more years to finish. raveled here.

ann's scarf


now, with the wee one at almost three and a half months old, i feel like i’m getting a bit back in the swing of things. and to that front, i’ve been knitting!

the gift lace has grown

ann's scarf

and i spun! a fiber club colorway from the past.


i’m making the bean a romper, which might just fit him now since i didn’t pay any attention to gauge (ahem.) so i better hurry!

gift wrap romper

and this next week, there will be dyeing! yay! when i’ll get the time to re-skein all of this dyeing, i don’t really know… but it’s good to be crafting. and some of this is just in time for indie knit and spin and handmade arcade.

and this one has been using his knits

babe using his knits

some day

dyeing has happened for the first time since a month before the babe was born. it felt really good.


and besides getting fiber club done, i also dyed two colorways for the shop. so an update might be coming some day!

and here’s the reason for this season of less fiber… and some of my most recent knitting. you may recognize it from here. it has been frogged and changed to a lace pattern that is more mama brain friendly.

i would like to get it done (and gifted) some day!

p.s. i ordered the books. but they haven’t shipped yet for those of you waiting. thanks so so much for all of the preorders.


let us catch up! first, thanks for all the sweet comments on the Reflection Hat pattern :) what a warm reception!

secondly – when i started selling roving in february, i did not realize how satisfying it would be to watch people make finished objects out of my dyed roving, but boy! is it.

janknit’s Handspun Fiddlehead, from this roving. more photos in her flickr if you don’t have a rav account.


julianna’s Handspun Optic Waves made from this roving.  and her blog entry


you ladies are so awesome!! beautiful beautiful works. thanks for letting me share them.

p.s. and in more personal news, i am no longer pregnant.  thanks in advance for condolences… and  i guess we try again in a month or two!


still working on the pi shawl.  i changed to lace for the outside section and at one point messed it up and had to rip all 576 stitches for 2 1/2 rounds.  ugh.  but now i’m back in business.  i need 10 repeats of the lace, and i have 7 done.  yay!  getting there.

pi shawl

pondering making this sweater for myself for october, breastfeeding, cuddling, and slinging. not a pattern i would have even thought about making until i saw the one in the link above.  brilliant!!  i even bought the pattern already.

the other thing i’ve been knitting in my dreamlike state can be described as a square. an 8×8, specifically.

charity squares

these are for the charity knitting group through my church… 50/50 acrylic wool, and most importantly, washable.  i like this yarn, whatever it is.  a friend donated it to my cause, and i’m donating it back to this cause. i guess what goes around comes around!

i’ve also been working on and off on some little knits for the 4!! babies i know are due this june-august.  you probably won’t be allowed to see those until delivery of both the children (ha!) and the knit.

what are you knitting?