more small things

same bootee pattern as here.  easily memorized, super portable, and addictive is what i dub these ones. i made up the hats.

mix of 2 ply spindle spun handspun and snapdragon sport – raveled here

pink/purple handspun singles, spindle spun – raveled here

blue green addabootees made out of my hand dyed chard light and snapdragon sport – raveled here
i might keep one more set or the just bootees for my wee babe and the rest will be baby gifts for the next round of winter babies.

fogt baby wrap

wee sweaters. the pattern is heading to the test knitters shortly.
stripey fogt baby wrap
sport weight yarn. big buttons.  i love them.
yellow fogt baby wrap
two down, one to go. i need to finish this soon so i can distribute them… especially to that one person who has already had her baby.  running a bit late on that, but in my defense, the baby was running a bit early.

stripey on ravelry here. yellow on ravelry there.

have a very merry christmas!

handspun addabootees and hat

so… we are having a small project knit along over in the due in april group on ravlery and these are my first finished knit. it took me a couple of bootees to figure out the sizing, but these are down sized Elizabeth Zimmermann addabootees, using size 4 needles with sportish weight yarn, but also made a bit shorter.
ez addabootees
aren’t they so flipping adorable? i can’t get over them. on ravelry here.
a completely enjoyable knit. this new babe in my belly will only be wearing them for 2 months at most, but still. how could you not knit these? having only had a summer baby i really missed out on all the little little things, knitwise.
ez addabootees
these are made from some handspun singles i’ve had lying around for a long while. i had enough handspun left to make a wee hat too (here on rav). and although i am notoriously not matchy matchy, i guess these might be okay since one is on his head and one is on his feet. now i’m thinking of tiny projects that i can make with other small amounts of handspun… and pondering making more pairs of bootees.

the pile

you know that Ben is done teaching for a bit and my MIL has come to visit when i 1) get to finish some knits 2) get to take photos of said finished knits, and 3) actually edit the photos and put them up on here the day same day
the pile
there may be some blogging in the next few weeks ;)

Pacific Tomten

I finally finished this one! There really was no need until it actually fit him, which is now.

The handspun yarn is an early falkland fiber club colorway and the dark brown is some recycled sweater wool that I’ve used in a gazillion projects.  Most useful color ever.
Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Tomten Pattern
pacific tomten
pacific tomten
Love that hood! Unfortunately he does not. hee hee.
pacific tomten
pacific tomten

p.s. here’s the latest newsletter if you’d like to read it.

changes and a sale

I have made a separate pattern etsy shop from the yarn. It is clearly not finished ;) The all in one shop was getting a bit cluttered. You can, of course, still buy all of my patterns on Ravelry here.

You probably already know that you can buy the Winter Bird Hat Collection and get 3 patterns, plus instructions on designing colorwork, but I think you should also know what other patterns I have available in collections.  Collections, in general, give you a break in price by buying a group of patterns.  Sometimes, like Mixed Knits, they are a much much better deal.
Winter Bird Hat Collection
Right now I’m working on a series of one skein shawls for my Snapdragon Light Fingering.  I’m still knitting the red one and the purple one just got handed off to test knitters.  However, because this is my current project, I’ve already made the ebook.  It currently only contains the Springling Shawl, but with each new shawl published, a purchaser will get an updated PDF.  I hope to have them all done by summer.
one skein shawl collection
I am planning to collect all of my sport weight baby/kiddo wear into one ebook too. Here are all the patterns so far, with the last space saved for a little baby sweater I’m knitting right now.  Only two of these published so far and one will be with test knitters this week!  So much work to do for this one.
sport weight baby/kiddo wear
What else is available together?
The Reflection Hat and Mitts
Reflection Set
Knit the Bridge – the patterns
Beautiful Baby Bundle
Beautiful Baby Bundle e-book
Little Colorwork Hat Collection
hats bundled
And, of course Mixed Knits, my big collection of patterns which includes: an essay with tips on how to knit with handspun and how to go about mixing it with commercial yarn and 13 fun patterns to mix things up with your handspun.

Please note: All patterns for handspun can also be made in commercial wool. Just make sure you get gauge. Also, the tips for mixing yarn can be applied to any yarn.
mixed knits

Now that you have made it to the bottom of the page, click over to Ravelry and use the coupon code bundles2013 for a 20% discount. Or you can just click here and the coupon code will already be entered for you.  This discount is not good in the Etsy shop.

Spinning and Colorwork Classes

I have two classes coming right up this weekend:

Stranded Colorwork Workshop
The basics of two stranded colorwork, plus a bit of colorplay on the side.
We are meeting at a coffee shop in Squirrel Hill
Friday the 22nd of November
$20 plus a beverage
Winter Bird Hat Collection
email me at cosymakes(!at)gmail(dot!)com if interested.

Spinning with a Drop Spindle
Learn to spin your own yarn!
We are probably meeting at my house in Squirrel Hill. I have cats.
Sunday the 24th of November
on my favorite drop spindle...