april @ the studio

it is the last month at the studio!  check out what is happening here.  there’s lots going on.  you can also expect to see a (baby) sweater design workshop towards the end of the month (probably the 27th). clearly we are going out with a BANG!

one very special event is the re-skeining of the exclusive Knit the Bridge colorways that i (and a few friends) dyed… happening on the 14th.  good stuff.  i hope if you haven’t made it to the studio yet, you can come to one of these events.  plenty of them are just of the knitting/chatting/spinning sort.
Knit the Bridge Exclusive Colorway
Knit the Bridge Exclusive Colorway
you can also read this month’s newsletter here.

knit the bridge exclusive!

hi friends,
sorry for the silence. color theory class (i’ll post about that soon) and indie knit and spin boutique were AWESOME and then i had sort of a down week, due to being so busy the week before.

but this last friday i had the opportunity, honor and fun of dyeing two exclusive colorways for knit the bridge.

i-phone pics by a friend as we were doing it. better pics soon!  all 80 skeins have been washed and are currently drying in my basement.
you can read more about them here, also about ways other than knitting and crocheting that you can support knit the bridge and maybe get your hands on some of these. i’ll keep you posted.

in the near future you can expect a knit the bridge day at the studio where you can come and see the colorways in person!