secret projects :)

in other news, ben and i just passed our 7th anniversary, which our friend alissa pointed out is the wool anniversary!.  how cool is that?!?  i didn’t even know it existed.  i think i may demand a sheep…

and it is the international year of natural fibers. and we finally got snow, which makes me happy. what a great start to a new year ;)

belle hat

blue belle hat

blue belle hat

lamb’s pride worsted (15% mohair/85% wool)
my hand dyed thrifted wool (thrifted by my friend susan)
duplicate stitch with some of my hand dyed recycled sweater yarn

this one’s a big hat! i like how it fits on my 22 in. head, so i guess it’s size medium/large, leaning towards the larger end of things. another design i’m considering publishing (or something very similar). i love the shape of it, which is, indeed, like a bell.

blue belle hat

i had a very fibery last couple of days. i did my first entertaining in pittsburgh – a knitting group of course! we’re going to try to meet twice a month, although i’m guessing it will be once a month for the next two. i promised you pictures… and i took none of course. i can share with you that the fabulous gwen came with her entourage – she bears the distinction of the only person i knew on-line before in real life to date. she lives just an hour away and showed up with some lovely pumpkin cookies and her newly finished train tam (the best looking one i’ve seen as of yet). we drank tea and wine and ate too many cookies and too much of my favorite stew. it was lovely. i got no knitting done. maybe next time :)

sunday i had a meeting which was conducive to a bit of knitting and some bus knitting.  that lead to me taking monday as my sabbath… so i’ve a bit of knitting to show you tomorrow from that. handmade arcade is in two weeks people!!! i better stop being chatty and go knit something.

have a great day!

lines drawn in the sand

first, a question for you: in your opinion, when does one-of-a-kind not become one-of-a-kind anymore? i’ve been struggling with this one a bit in my brain as of late.

up until this point in my business, i not only haven’t duplicated my embroidery much, but i also haven’t really duplicated names for hats.**

and now, i think it’s time to draw a line in the sand and declare that i have ‘lines’ of hats. suddenly, there are embroidery motifs that i don’t want to let go of, styles that i want to duplicate, only so many things that will fit on a head. there is also similar embroidery themes that pop up again and again, even if not exact, and naming everything differently has become a bit of a chore.

for instance, the bubble chaser hats. one is in the yoga studio. i don’t have any in my immediate stock, so i made another.

brown bubble chaser hat

brown bubble chaser hat - flate

recycled sweater wool
hand dyed thrifted wool
new lamb’s pride wool/mohair

0-6 mo.

brown bubble chaser hat - side one

i am still keen to name any hat that puts itself forth to need a name, but some names i’m so happy with that i feel attaching a color to the beginning of the name would be the way to go. i suppose that is how the business grows and i must say, it’s strange to see it growing. i know i’ve been working on it, but i still don’t expect things to change.

one decision i am making is not to have more than one of each ‘line’ hat in my stock at one time. i want to maintain as much variety as possible in both color and style. so, although i’ve lines now, don’t expect to see things more often unless they sell more often… unless you sell, little bubble chaser hat, you are the one and only for the Handmade Arcade.

brown bubble chaser hat - side two

** the exception is the name ‘mountain berry hat.’ i didn’t catch it because one referred to the embroidery and one to the juicy color.

book answers on a rainy day

best umbrellas ever

hey everyone, thanks for all your congratulations! it’s so great to have a community to celebrate with :)

i thought i’d answer a few questions about the book that came up in the comments.

first, how much did i have to do with the designing of the cover? none. and for that reason i am super impressed. the book contract is for my patterns – i provide patterns and knits, proofing, extra things to take photos of and general blather, etc. the people i’m working with as editors try to make the book as ‘me’ as possible while also following the rules for knitting books put out by them. for that reason, you can expect pattern set ups like those in Yarnplay or Fitted Knits.

also for that reason, i have no idea what that object is holding that hat. i think whatever it is, it is fabulous, but, sadly, it is not mine. the knitting is mine though :)

if you all have any more questions, i’d love to answer them within reason. fire away.

p.s. found these umbrellas for a dollar each at a garage sale a while ago… and took a pic because i’m planning to use them until they fall apart and they are SOOO cool.

the wheels on the train go…

the wheels on the train go...

hat a day – day three. an easy one to finish today, and there probably will be no hat tomorrow since i’m trying to get back into my sabbath routine. the train tam pattern in a size small. my friend sarah tried this on and it looked great. once again, it didn’t fit me, so i couldn’t quite tell. i think this style is one of the few hat patterns i’ve made up that look good pushed back a bit rather than all the way down on the forehead.

donegal tweed homespun (gifted from my friend laurie)
mountain colors mill end
buttons from the stash

the wheels on the train go... - front

and of course this post couldn’t be complete without a gratuitous button shot:

the wheels on the train go... - close up

SHOP UPDATE: i’ve noticed lots of clicks to etsy or directly into my shop from here lately, so i thought i’d let you all know what’s going on. next week sometime i’ll announce the re-opening of the shop and along with, a little one day sale in celebration. stay tuned, i’ve got to find my calendar first.


i appearantly needed to start numerous projects right in a row… one book knit down, one in progress, one to go. according to this picture, i cast on for this pink earflap hat – while making home fries last night. and i finished up the knitting this one yesterday afternoon – it will go in the shop, but i’m also heeding the call to offer some patterns to go with the yarn kits if wanted.

then, there’s the problem of the yarn kits… the danger of me trying to make these is that i find color combos that i want to knit, like the one above. don’t know what it will be, but it needs to be something!

i took this photo this morning on my couch. gee, wonder what i was doing late last night. speaking of designing (which i use loosely since i don’t normally write down what i’m doing – you can substitute in the phrase “making things up” if you like), my current favorite thing to do on ravelry is to click on all of the designers pics on the pattern page. then refresh and click some more. i’ve been checking fairly regularily because i’m curious as to who designed what, what they look like, and there are new designers joining every day. when you join something like ravelry, you come to notice that the world is much bigger and there are so many people you don’t know exist.