Claro Stole

I have, once in a while, thrown some yarn support at another designer who I like. I do this mostly on a whim and if it is a person I know or have had contact with several times.  One of those is Amy.
Amy is a brilliant designer (and architect, if you can’t tell from her designs). And she made an AMAZING stole out of my yarn – the Claro Stole.
The only unfortunate thing about this one, for me, is that I will have to wait at least a year until I get my brain back from baby number two to make this. But I think it is brilliant and worth the knit.
And what could make it better than ingenious construction and beauty? It only takes one skein of Snapdragon Light Fingering. Now you should click here and go look at all the beautiful pictures of it and drool.

Thanks again Amy!

Knit One, Embellish Too

my book, Knit One, Embellish Too, has been remaindered by my publisher. that means it is being sold to me much cheaper than the original price and i’d like to pass on the savings.  but, i’d like to pass on even greater savings to those of you willing to help me buy as many copies as i can.  (the book is on ravelry here.)

oh my!

if you’ve been thinking about purchasing an autographed copy of this book for yourself or as a gift, now is the time! and here’s the deal i have for you – the original price of this book is 22.99, with $2 for shipping that’s $25 – your cost as a pre-order, including postage:

one book – $10

two books for – $18

three books for – $24

if you want more than that, we can make a deal.  i’m also willing to sell copies directly to yarn stores in batches of 5 books.

you have until September 4th to get your money in to me.  email me at cosymakes(!at)gmail(dot!)com with the quantity and either your paypal email address or a note that you’d like to pay by check.  i will order them on the 5th and get them out as quickly as possible after i get them.

i can figure out shipping for folks outside of the united states if you shoot me an email.* and if you’re local and want to pick the book up, it’s $8 for the first book, $15 for two, and $20 for three!

*to canada the total for one book is 13.00, for two books $24.50
*to australia the total for one book is 21.00

give-away: knitgrrl guide

first, thanks for all of the sweet comments on my 32 weeks post!  they definitely made my day.

now on to business.  a very generous friend* of mine passed this book on to me and i thought i’d pay it forward to the next lucky person.

this book has lots of good information in it and is a very interesting read. and it’s the only one of it’s kind.  so if you’re interested in stepping up and being a designer yourself, if you’re just vaguely interested in the process of what it takes, or if you just want to read the interviews, comment on this post!  you can read amazon reviews here.

you have until thursday evening at 10 eastern time to comment.  i’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner.

p.s. all that said about this guide, i still am a total slacker designer who follows little to none of these very good suggestions.

p.p.s. and speaking of breaking rules, i’ve been knitting simple things.  the wrist braces are great.  the project i really want to get done?  lace.  can’t do that.  but i can knit!  hurrah!

*the friend who went skinny dipping with me at SOAR, if you must know :)

Mixed Knits

initial publication on wednesday!

This ebook includes:
-an essay with tips on how to knit with handspun and how to go about mixing it with commercial yarn
-13 fun patterns to mix things up with your handspun

All of the patterns will also be available individually and can be found in my pattern shop.

Please also note that these patterns, as with all my patterns, can really be used with any yarn you like as long as you get gauge.  I have included a bit of commentary about which commercial yarns to pick if not using handspun.

When you click on the button below and follow through on the payment, an automatic download of the ebook in pdf format will be delivered to your email address.


on ravelry here.

mixed knits


introducing mixed knits

the front essay and 7 patterns are slated to go up on wednesday! i even started the ravelry page.

initial publication on wednesday!

p.s. the two remaining falkland fiber club subscriptions are going up in the etsy shop today.

p.p.s. i’m walking in the crop hunger walk next sunday, in which i walk 6 miles in solidarity with people who have to walk daily to get the most basic elements of life, food and water. here’s a link to my donation page if anyone’s interested in donating. one thing that i really like about this walk is that 25% of proceeds stay local and the rest are distributed.  every dollar makes a difference!

design notes: slipped cables

i first used a slipped cable pattern (out of one of the barbara walker treasuries) on the original Jonah sweater – as panels:


then one of the other slipped cable patterns inspired the permafrost hat – used as ribbing:


from there, i realized that i could make up my own slipped cables… so think green got it right up the front (combined with the ruching, which i used for the first time in my citron):

think green

next i thought i’d play with it a bit for the ebook – that it might show off handspun really well:


and finally i combined the original barbara walker with an idea of pin stripes in handspun and commercial yarn to get this effect:


you’ll see this with most designers, i think. for me it has to do with my creative process and pushing the limits of a particular item or technique. i do one thing and it just spurs me on to try something else.  one design element is seen anew – a riff off of another design.   i don’t even feel that i’ve plumbed the depths of this yet, but i promise not too much more of it right now ;)


knit knit!

i’m a bit behind in telling you all what’s going on.

preemie sweater – we’re knitting these in my church knitting group for our local hospital – i’ll be publishing the pattern at some point.
preemie sweater

designing! ebook(s) in the works.
gleaning hat!

corrugated ribbing

jonah test knit – takes much longer to do a 2T size than a 6 mo.!
jonah test knit

i thought i should post these photos and catch you up before we head off on vacation to MT.  i may not be so communicative for a bit since i’m planning to actually take the time off.  not that i won’t be knitting, but mostly i plan to play board games, eat food, swim in lakes, see friends and family, get a haircut, and camp.

i’m dyeing july’s falkland fiber club today and did farm wool yesterday.  speaking of, there are still two spots left if anyone’s interested.  right when we get back, i have a craft fair, so wanted the wools ready to mail when we get back. summer!

measurement collective

someone had a great idea.

from the ashley knits blog:

What’s the benefit of this?
Instead of going by the existing tables I can find, which aren’t always based on real people, don’t always include all the measurements I need, and which I haven’t always found extremely helpful when sizing patterns for larger than, say, a 44in size, this will help me create designs that will fit a large range of people. Also, once I publish my results, this might help other designers do the same. And you, as a participator, will have an easy reference for your measurements for fitting your own patterns or customizing others’, if you decide to save it to your computer or keep it somewhere else that is safe.

i think this will help both knitters (better fitting garments!) and designers (real averages if enough people participate!).

you can take the measurement collective survey here.