more small things

first of all, a gift from beth. i believe it’s the baby bib o’ love pattern from the mason dixon ladies… done up in fabulous BRIGHT! colors and stripes. two of my favorite things.  thanks beth!

more little things

this little crocheted bonnet is either grandmama made (on ben’s side) or great grandmama made. i’m glad i dug this one out because it’s going to need to be worn pronto to get any wear out of it. so cute and precious.

more little things

lastly, i also fished around and found these two little pieces of footwear. i knit these over 4 years ago, when we lived in vancouver. here’s the original pic of the socks. it’s funny how some things just keep kicking around.  but now they have a place, front and center, in order to be worn before being outgrown.

more little things

and the other plus is that the stack of knits for this babe are somewhat in order of size, so i can nab things off of the top to try on whenever i feel that there needs to be a bit more knitting around.

introducing… a handspun blanket

if i have, in the past 3 months, seemed distracted, or not my usual bloggy self, this might explain some things. i found out right before rhinebeck that i was pregnant again.

handspun baby blanket

and when i showed up to my friend sarah’s house, she gifted the impending babe with this beautiful blanket. this is super special because sarah and i learned to dye and spin together back in vancouver. it’s also super special because, well, it’s a handpsun blanket!

handspun baby blanket

apparently there’s even some stuff i dyed in there. sarah used the subtle stripes techniques. it’s truly amazing in person, you’ll have to take my word for it.  thanks sarah!

and lastly, if you want to see the impending, here’s the belly at 12 weeks. since i miscarried late in the first trimester last time, i popped quite early this time. and since i had maternity jean hand-me-downs from a friend, i’ve been wearing them since 10 weeks.  it’s funny to wear maternity clothes when nobody really can tell your pregnant yet.  it’s like a very silly secret.

p.s. i am now keeping track of my pregnancies as they relate to fiber festivals.  one week before maryland last year i miscarried, and one week before rhinebeck this year, i found out i was pregnant again.

turn of the century

when i found out that my friend vivian had knitting/crocheting tools made by her grandfather and great-grandfather, i asked if she would bring them in to show me so i could blog about them. she estimates them at around the turn of the century into the early 1900s. a few of the embroidery hoops might not be handmade.



if you want a closer look at any of them, click into flickr by clicking on the picture and then click the ‘all sizes’ button above the picture in flickr.


i love the double ended crochet hook.



i *love* granny squares.

i’m off to alaska, i’m not sure i’ll blog much from up there, but know that when i get back i will have all of my book stuffs in (and maybe a new camera!).  in the meantime, you may get pictures because we’ve a camera on loan for the trip.

have a great weekend! it’s crazy beautiful here in bc, hope alaska and wherever you happen to be are the same.

pour vous

here’s the top view. in case you were wondering about me being less wordy and less productive over the last few days, (besides it being easter) my friend melanie is visiting from atlanta. today we are going thrifting and i think i’ll look for another platter for the rest of the colors.

i did finish the scarf!  it took a lot of movies. hurrah! if i like it unblocked you may get pics when we go on a small road trip tomorrow. if not, right before the show.

hors d’oeuvres

what would cause my breakfast table to look like this yesterday morning? i told you there would be more slave labor! i spent most of the last two days working on these babies. there are one hundred of them (no duplicates) and i assume that there will be none left after the show opening. they need to be blocked and then they’ll be displayed on a coffee table on a big platter for people to consume. yum. there will, of course, be real food too.

now to clean up the balls of yarn i left all over the house that are driving ben insane…

UPDATE: if you don’t believe me look/read over here.