in the works!

i had the brainstorm for this before i had the babe, and now we (some fiber arts friends and i) are working on the show. so although there may not be as much knitting, there are fibery things going on!

on ravelry here.
on facebook here.
more about this show on the blog here.

we will probably have a few more vendors than those listed. still working on that :)

what’s going on

handmade arcade was awesome.  i made some nice trades and saw lots of folks. wool in spring is still not the best seller, but you know ;)

this lamp was made by my friend lynne – so awesome! it’s a vintage tin as the base with a heavy heavy button laden lamp shade. it will be perfect for the yarn studio. i’ll put in a link once she gets back to me!

vintage tin and button lamp!

and these knit veggies came from sarah of little lumpkins.  mmm.  for the babe of course.

knit fruit/veggies!

i’ll show you all my only purchase on saturday – when i reach week 32 – because it’s something i wear and that’s time for the next belly pic.

this third trimester is certainly taking me out a bit. i’ve been gestating and napping a lot, and my belly has been growing. more specifically, the baby is currently gaining 1/2 a lb a week! crazypants. but i’m behind in emails and responses and i apologize, but i’m not sure that i’ll get more on top of that any time soon :)

next on the agenda is dyeing the 60! skeins of snapdragon light fingering (the yarn used in the springling shawls) so i can get them up to coincide with a ravelry ad i have going up next month for the pattern.

cosySpins snapdragon - light fingering

i have to work at a slow pace though, because i think i’m getting some carpal tunnel (25% of pregnant ladies get these) symptoms in my hands. so you will notice that this blog is going to go at a more third trimester friendly pace. but i will still try to do my weekly updates. we’ll see.