open house – SALE!!

hi fibery friends,
i am writing to let any of you in the pittsburgh area know that i am closing out my yarn lines. i am not planning to stop dyeing, but i think there will be little to none for the next 3 years. my husband is entering a full time doctorate program as well as continuing to work and i believe it will take all of my energy to feed and take care of the littles, along with work on Indie Knit and Spin and designing.

note: this is a pretty pic, not a pic of the yarn i have left

and so with that in mind, i am selling the yarn that i have left at $10 a skein (usually $16) and am offering it up to pgh folks first. if you are interested in coming shopping or want to know if i have any yarn of a particular weight/color, send me an email at cosymakes(!at)gmail(dot!)com. i have a pretty flexible schedule for folks who want to come look.


p.s. if you are not in pgh and really really want some yarn, i’ll listen to your pleas at that email too ;)

m’s winter sweater

4T!!  he’s getting so big.

anyhow, vacation knitting. i’ve convinced my mom to make him a sweater too so he will have two next winter.
photo 1
he likes blue quite a bit. the blue is bfl i dyed, the yellowy green is rainbow chard and the other two are random stash yarns. i sewed in all the ends, but didn’t graft the underarms… and i want to try it on him one more time before i commit to that neck.

i’ve pretty much finished a sweater for w too, just haven’t found the right buttons.

birth month pattern sale!!

as of today, we have officially entered birth month for this second beanling. we’ll see when he decides to show… but in the meantime, have 40% off all of my independently published patterns. that means that most of my patterns are $3 instead of $5, and there’s no limit as to how many you can buy!

browse here! the 40% off will be given automatically at checkout.