last day…

just a reminder, this is the last day to enter the mixed knits giveaway over here.

mixed knits

imagine knitting giveaway

with the onset of autumn turning into winter, all the knitters are churning out knit goods, casting on more than we can finish, and wearing our woolens with pride.  many knitters are thinking about what to knit and for whom, not just for the up-coming holidays, but because it is, indeed, wool season.  knitting season.  keep yourself, friends, loved ones, warm season.

initial publication on wednesday!

in celebration of the season, i’d like to give away 2 pdf copies of my new ebook.  to enter,

1) click over to ravelry to check out the patterns

2) then click back over to this post and comment, telling me what pattern you would make from the book and out of what.  your comment must be on this post – imagine knitting giveaway – in order to be counted.    use your imagination.  it could be for you, a friend, out of handspun that doesn’t exist yet, commercial yarn from your stash, just a vague color sense.  i want a description folks!

and in turn, i will give away a copy of the ebook pdf to two lucky folks.  i haven’t decided yet if i’m going to choose my favorite imagined projects or just random it, but imagine away.  this contest ends friday at 9 pm eastern time.

p.s. please note there are still 3 patterns pending that will be in the ebook – Bumble Vest, Croci Sweater, and Ripe Bananas Lap Blanket. they’re fair game for imagining too and should be out within the next few weeks.


and win some of the new yarn. i need help naming this new yarn brand.

my other yarn is called ‘Rainbow Chard.’

this yarn base is Brown Sheep Nature Spun
i am dyeing worsted (light worsted, more like dk), sport, and fingering (a light fingering).
some of them end up a bit more stripey, but many are semi-solids. dyed similar to how i dye the rainbow chard. i’d like one name to cover all weights.  thinking, light, mid, and heavy or something of that sort.

i threw it out on twitter and got the recommendation variegated carrots and i pondered heirloom tomatoes.

i think i don’t like these as much as rainbow chard, because rainbow chard doesn’t make me think of only certain colors (it’s probably the word rainbow). i’m not super attached to the garden idea either.  i’m open to anything!

recommend your names and i’ll pick from them… and whomever comes up with the winning name (or gives me a spark to find a name) will win a skein of the new yarn of your choice.  get your entries in by tuesday at 10 pm eastern time!

CLARIFICATION: don’t name these yarns!  they’re just samples.  name the overall line of yarns – dyed with this yarn base, in these sorts of colorways.  I work my rainbow chard like so: rainbow chard – reddish orange.  rainbow chard – pale blue etc.  so these will be name __________- red.  _____________ – lime green etc.

p.s. you can throw out as many names as you’d like… let us brainstorm.


handmade squirrel contest!

the brooklyn general store has a pretty fabulous tree:

and this spring, they’re interested in filling it with handmade squirrels. that is where you and i come in. they have put out a call for people to make original, handmade squirrels (cute!) and enter the contest (fun!).

You can hop over here to their blog for the official rules, but here are the fabulous prizes!

1st Prize: $200 Brooklyn General Store gift certificate (valid for one year).

2nd Prize: $100 Brooklyn General Store gift certificate (valid for one year).

3rd Prize: $50 Brooklyn General Store gift certificate (valid for one year).

Youth Prizes (0-15 yrs): Three squirrels will each be awarded one $50 Brooklyn General Store gift certificate (valid for one year).

well worth the fun of joining in, if you ask me.  they have tons of great stuff – from fabric to yarn, to patterns to notions.  i could easily spend $100 there!  do you not live in brooklyn?  well, it doesn’t matter because they have recently opened a website too… although going there would probably be the most fun ;)

p.s. personally, i want to see some a bunch of crazy colored handspun ones.

fiber clubs! questions and a prize

i got a new batch of falkland in the mail yesterday, so i’m ready to start at least one version of the fiber club. and i’m going to dye monday and tuesday… so i have questions for you all, because i have waaaay too many ideas.


i’m hoping to keep a falkland club up at most times, because it’s the one wool i can get in large quantities which is soft, squishy, fun to spin, and environmentally friendly to both the sheep and the earth.

striping yarn club?

do you want the option to opt out of one particular color?

color based? variations on a particular color? this would allow for some plying together.  EDIT: for instance, variations on blue.  you might get a light blue based, dark grey/blue and a bright.

mostly white with bits of color?

is it important to you to have the option of a double batch of the colorway?

would you rather i do whatever i want to do?

any other input?

and what’s in it for you? spinning fiber!  a falkland subtle stripes spinning kit is up for grabs.  i have several for the winner to choose from.  give me your opinions by sunday at 9 pm eastern.  i’ll announce the winner on monday.


p.s. i’m also working on a farm wool club!  but that will take me a bit longer to organize.

Knitcircus giveaway

jaala, the editor-in-chief of knitcircus magazine, has been generous to let me give away not one, but two copies of the PDF download of the Spring Pattern Collection.

the free magazine, which can be found here, includes reviews, articles, interviews, recipes and pattern previews. the collections are for purchase (for a very reasonable price!) and contain all of the patterns shown. the current issue has an interview with Terri Shea, the author of Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition and a fun article on visiting a sheep farm as well as much more.  the collection itself is full of fun and interesting patterns.  myself, i’m admiring the diamond hat and the seamless slippers.

if you would like to be in the running for this fabulous collection, go check out the patterns and comment on this post with your favorite and who you might possibly make it for.  this give-away will end on sunday at 9 pm.  i’ll random number generate and announce the winners on monday.