Reflection Set

and both mitt and hat patterns are now available for $7.50 in a little e-book. and for January and February, if you already own the hat pattern, you can buy the Mitts for $2.50 – email me at cosymakes (at) gmail (dot) com.

Stranded Colorwork Workshop

and speaking of colorwork patterns in the works and how much i love them…
sweet potato hats
Saturday January 12th, 2-4, $25

Join me in learning the ins and outs of how to do stranded knitting.  My knitting life changed significantly when I learned this addictive and fun knitting style.  We’ll discuss how to hold the yarns, choosing colors, and some basic tips and tricks.

Either choose a pattern and bring the supplies with you, or bring some scrap yarn and needles to play with.
stranded colorwork
Email with any questions or if you’d like to sign up for the class.
See the event on facebook here.

crossbow the second

this crossbow is destined for a friend who loved the colors when she first saw it. i made it last year (maybe janurary?) as a sample of the pattern in my snapdragon worsted yarn, but then i failed to get any sort of a decent picture of it. it has, however, been to both yarn and craft fairs since then. anyhow, i’d like to gift it and got some okay pics, so without further ado…

crossbow II

i also have one crossbow mitten almost done. i believe you will be able to get a whole mitten and hat set with one skein of each color (yet to be proven though ;). one of those projects i was working on before being struck with pregnancy carpal tunnel. maybe i’ll get back to it soon since i do want to publish the mitten pattern. this hat is raveled here.

crossbow II

rainbow chard update!

as you may have predicted from previous posts – today’s update!

update 5/19

my base yarn is lanaloft – aran weight wool and each skein is 100 yds. and here are some hats that i made with all the little skeinlets i had left over. although i like these, i have a feeling that i would have liked them better had i mixed hand dyed with non hand dyed. ah well ;) but you know me. that’s what i like to do. next time there will be mixing!

0-6 mo.
0-6 mo.

6-18 mo.
6-18 mo.

18 mo.-4yr
18 mo.-4 yr.

none of them are blocked yet, so i guess i’ll be doing that today :) i love blocking colorwork.

new years…

bring new things.

first off, thanks for all of the love for elena’s cardigan!  it’s funny how you sometimes don’t really get what something is looking like until you do the finishing.  pre-finishing, i thought it was cute – but with post finishing – adorable.  sweet. the perfect shades of green.  oh la.  i highly recommend the pattern.

anyhow, two sweet potatoes, knit as samples for a beginning colorwork class i’m teaching later this month at the north store.  i tried to use yarns people can actually get ;)

cascade 220 and kathmandu aran – 18 mo.-4 yr.
sweet potato

and more classes! these ones through the PCC
Beginning Knitting on the 21st of January
and Spindling on the 18th.

the new lamb’s pride superwash bulky – 0-6 mo.
sweet potatoes

so, new things.  i quit my small cleaning job and am trying to teach more instead.  i’m also setting up a newsletter for those interested in where i’m vending and what classes i’m teaching.  i haven’t quite figured it out yet though… but trust me, you’ll hear about it when i do ;)

hope the new year brings you bright new things.

and, selfishly, i hope this whole teaching thing works out!  i’m nervous and excited all at once – and i think i tell you that about something once a week.  ha!