still working on the pi shawl.  i changed to lace for the outside section and at one point messed it up and had to rip all 576 stitches for 2 1/2 rounds.  ugh.  but now i’m back in business.  i need 10 repeats of the lace, and i have 7 done.  yay!  getting there.

pi shawl

pondering making this sweater for myself for october, breastfeeding, cuddling, and slinging. not a pattern i would have even thought about making until i saw the one in the link above.  brilliant!!  i even bought the pattern already.

the other thing i’ve been knitting in my dreamlike state can be described as a square. an 8×8, specifically.

charity squares

these are for the charity knitting group through my church… 50/50 acrylic wool, and most importantly, washable.  i like this yarn, whatever it is.  a friend donated it to my cause, and i’m donating it back to this cause. i guess what goes around comes around!

i’ve also been working on and off on some little knits for the 4!! babies i know are due this june-august.  you probably won’t be allowed to see those until delivery of both the children (ha!) and the knit.

what are you knitting?