shine-along and other sightings

as to the word-along, jennifer made two AWESOME think caps here and here (rav links). aren’t they brilliant? i love the depth of color she’s achieved by combining yarns.

and with permission of dawn, her shine hat.

Shine Hat 1, originally uploaded by DawnsRays.

here’s her blog entry. this one doubles as both a book knit and a word-along. i really like how it’s double sided and the sun has a lot of movement in it.

book knits:
puppy dog knits is on a total roll in the mitt category, scroll down to see her version of 3!! pairs of mitts from the book.

amysuz’s ravelry stream has several book hats and emily’s ravelry stream has hats, mitts, scaves – you name it!!

the first of the headbands from the book looks great!!

a back alley hat in fabulous colors from paperkitty and a flutter neckscarf to boot (rav links).

my yarn:
my friend lynne who became addicted to knitting after sharing a booth with me at the may market made this neckscarf from my yarn.

when craft punk won the name game a while ago, she bought this yarn and then made these super cool mitts (rav link).

free patterns:
love this train tam with yoyos (rav link) and there is another fabulous train tam over on the ranger sarah blog.

check out the scrap-happiness that is jocelyngermany’s project page on ravelry. so many scrap-happy hats :)

and this bity geometric helmet hat makes me smile to no end.

that’s all for today.  i’m rucuperating from camp, anticipating scrabble, and expected a quasi-surprise visitor.  have a great weekend!


yay! i’m so excited that bunch of you are interested in doing a word-along. i made a thread in the knit one, embellish too group over on ravelry. you are perfectly welcome to join the group or just chat in the thread. i’m excited to see what everyone else does.

4 lbs, 4 oz!!

while dyeing this 4 lbs 4 oz (!!) of roving on independence day… i started knitting my first hat to embroider on for the word-along… although there’s always the danger of embroidering on a hat i’ve already knit too. one thing that i like about words is that they have less masculine or feminine connotations – so they’re great for hats men can wear too. as you all know, i’m always looking for those.

a lot of roving II

a lot of roving I

these rovings should last me a while :) although i have already spun one up.

command word-along

this could totally be an idea that nobody is interested in… but i was wondering if any of you all would be interested in knit-a-long of making accessories and embroidering words on them. i think of these words as ‘command’ words because when i learned the french language, that’s what we called them – plus it makes me giggle that my hat’s commanding people to take action in some way. when i made this hat

biker hat

ben and i spent some very silly times coming up with other command words i could use on hats. i think this kettle started brewing with this hat though, commanding people to ‘craft.’

i was originally just going to ask you for your ideas of words for me to use, but i thought it would be much more exciting to have company :) i could put the word swim on a hat, but since i’m not a swimmer, it wouldn’t make much sense. let me know if you’re interested and i’ll start a thread in the ravelry group.

biker hat

seriously though, what would you like to command the people around you to do…
i’m thinking my next one might need to say grow…

UPDATE: i started the thread here. hurrah!

i spy…

with my little eye – some more knits!! sorry for all of the short posts and lack of email responses this week, i’m feeling a bit under the weather.

for the blog

here is shana’s finished handspun hat, more photos of it, and, if you missed the last post, the yarn and roving. she also just got her dissertation bound. yipee!

emily has made another fabulous hat. love the color combo on this one and the buttons are the perfect!

leethal spun and knit this neckscarf out of some alpaca she inherited. it must just be lush up against the skin. get the whole story on why she has so much alpaca here.

lots of fun stuff is brewing in pgh this weekend. i’ll be hawking my wares over here. if you’re in town, you should stop by and say ‘hi!’ i’m off to dye some wool. have a great day!

handspun world

it has been incredibly exciting to see all the book projects popping up on the internets. there might be nothing quite so instantly gratifying as writing a knitting accessory book. i can’t even imagine writing a book of all sweaters – it would feel like the wait was forever before someone had one done! i’m also pretty stoked that people are using my patterns for handspun, using up scraps of yarn and that there’s some embroidery happening too. i couldn’t ask for anything more, except that all of your projects fit you perfectly ;)

because i generally don’t do picture-less posts, here is a picture of some twirly girl bonnets in progress along with the yard in progress. i plan to have some of these at craft fairs in the future. since the book came out, i can now make some of the projects to sell!! yay! feels like i waiting a long, long time.

twirly girls

without further ado, on to the projects of others…
janet made this malabrigo root vegetable hat and this handspun train tam (ravelry links)

emily made two!! projects already and is on to her third: father’s day hat, wristers made of her first handspun (ravelry links), and on her blog, we get a sneak peak of her newest hat in progress.

i also got a very nice note over ravelry from shana who bought and spun up some of the roving i dyed for the shop. here’s her blog entry. i’ll let it tell the story, but it is the first hand painted roving she’s worked with and i think she did a smashing job! i was very excited to get her note because i rarely get to see the stuff i dye for the shop spun and knit up – she’s even started a hat using it.

and lastly, two train tams have caught my eye lately – this alpaca handspun one by my friend sarah and this scrappy stripey one made by erin.

for the locals – if you’re in pgh and you’d like to spin with other folks, we have spinning group at knit one this saturday! should be a good time and sounds like a bunch of people are coming… there should be at least four or five of us, mostly on drop spindles. stop by to spin and/or knit and/or chat.

twirly girls


tnna is over. i’ve a new job doing some cleaning and am not working at the yarn store very much. ben’s off of school and back from europe. so, in a desperate attempt to get things to settle down over here, i’m going to bring us back to more normal blog-type fare. in fact, i’m going to do the breed specific wool reviews that i promised you a while ago. but first, to wrap some stuff up for this week.

this sunday!

this saturday is world wide knit in public day. i’m hoping to show at this one after i teach a spinning class from 12-2, although i don’t know that i can get there before it’s over. and in the exact same place as knit in public, is the sundae market, where i will be hawking my wares on sunday afternoon.
the name game names have been chosen! go see which ones won. ben and i were feeling kind of odd tonight and so we did a lot of name squishing together.
my friend sarah posted two fo’s from the book – a root vegetable hat that she actually knit as a test knit and her pixie bonnet (ravelry links) (LOVE that tassel) and here’s her flickr in case you aren’t on rav.
and lastly, but not least, i want to thank you all for the lovely little notes you have been sending as you’ve received my book in the mail :) they make me smile.
and also, thanks to all of you that have mentioned me and my book on your blogs. you all rock. seriously.
next up? wool reviews.

p.s. if you’d like to see 10 of my book knits in person… harass your local yarn store into contacting me at cosyknitsliterally (!at) gmail (dot!) com about having the trunk show!!

Felt Studio UK and TNNA

first off, if you are going to TNNA, i’ll be at the North Light Books booth at 1:00 to sign copies of my book. otherwise, i’ll be wandering around with flo and another sue (who i haven’t cornered into being interviewed yet). if you see me (note the rhinestone glasses, they’re my most defining characteristic), i may be a bit loopy. i will have gotten up at 4:30 to accomplish this feat and we probably won’t head back until late into the night ;)

1970's ski sweater hat

and the guest spinner i have for you today is daniella of felt studio uk. daniella specializes in falkland wool, which is lovely, both to spin and to knit with.

1970's ski sweater hat

1970’s ski sweater hat.

yellow bells jester hat

yellow bells jester hat.

yellow bells jester hat

she spins one mean aran weight wool, meaning it’s predictable in one way, but never predictable in the way it will knit up. plus, i sometimes like knowing that i can knit a particular handspun on a particular needle. i would say that daniella’s yarns are a very good choice if you’re wanting to mix handspun with commercial yarn and make a good solid fabric.


night sky wristers

the yarn used in the night sky wristers from the book is from the very talented rachel-marie of i mixed her wonderful handspun with some thrifted tapestry wool to create these. you also saw some of one of her batts in this entry.

check out the close-up – this yarn contains both fun clumps of recycled sari silk, glitteries, and denim – as in from your jeans demin. so fun!

night sky wristers

in a kind of random side note, i have been very into this sort of mitt/wrister lately. very strange for a fairly tried and true thumb gusset girl. i guess people change :)

night sky wristers