the little things

so tell me friends… do you get an email when i just hit reply in the comments?  if so, i may start replying to people there so others can see the responses.  and i feel a bit silly for not knowing it before ;)

the garden
garden 2009

next… there’s a chance to win a copy of the book over here at the fabulous Handmade in PA website.

and sorry for the lack of content as of late. ben and i went camping, i’m working on the project i have to do to fulfill my SOAR scholarship, and my MIL comes on Sunday.  oh.  and we’re moving at the end of july… only 10 blocks, but moving none-the-less.  summer appears to be a bit chaotic and busy!  ah well.  add to that sunshine and local food and i’m a happy camper, but the blog is a bit neglected.  also, i  might have needed a respite after that crazy dyeing series i did where i was blogging every day!

the purple bush beans

so.  things to look forward to.  3 patterns in the works.  lots of spinning… an attempt to make a kit for the next craft fair (july 10-12).  plans to apply to renegade chicago (yikes!).  and maybe, if i ever remember the camera, some pics of our summer fun.  and tomorrow, and each and every wednesday – a shop update :)

p.s. and don’t forget the book knits are up for trade/sale to you exclusively until the next craft fair.

the one zucchini plantit’s intentional that there’s only one

caps for sale

the semi-precious book knits have been laying around for a year now. some have landed themselves on the heads of good friends and family, but there are many still without homes.

book knits - going going gone.

1. silky smoke ring, 2. snow princess hat, 3. back alley hat aka the knapweed hat, 4. mountain sunset inside out hat, 5. twirly girl bonnet, 6. popsicle mittens, 7. fruit punch headband, 8. night sky wristers, 9. biker hat, 10. nautical nellie, 11. little flower top hat, 12. wood and water hat, 13. flapper eyelet headband, 14. daisy helmet hat, 15. berry bramble hat, 16. apple on the tree hat

so before i go and do something rash, like sell them at the craft fair booth, i thought i’d give them one last chance to get into loving hands that are closer to me.

all items shown are up for either trade or sale (at my normal prices) to you, my dear blog readers. below is a rundown of my general pricing. what to trade? well. i love all things handmade – from soap to bags and from aprons to silk screened t-shirts. otherwise, i also love all things fibery :)  i also like a lot of other things, so feel free to offer.

adult hats $50-65
hats for those under 4 years of age $30-40
headbands $15
smoke ring/cowl $45

you can send me an offer or your questions at cosymakes (at) gmail (dot) com.



popsicle mittens, berry bramble hat, knapweed hat, night sky wristers

two posts

in one day.  i know.  if you want the post with content, read the previous one.  this one is me catching up!

first off – i go in to my first out-of-state show!! tiny canary in columbus, oh.  hurrah! now to figure out the logistics of travel and whatnot.

living crafts

and the first write up of my book in a magazine has come out!  i had no idea, until a kind blog reader sent me a little congrats note.  then it took me several weeks to find a copy. i have to say, i remember looking through the last issue of this magazine and thinking how lovely it was. if you love wool, this magazine’s for you. if you love wool and have a family, this magazine is doubly for you. i remember the other issue having this amazing wet felt play mat.

front to back: meghan, kai, dana, diane, maria, me… somehow we lost amy, who was also there.

i flat out stole this picture from my friend maria who just put up a series of posts about the classes she took at SOAR. you should check them out.  i must tell you that the picture of me with yarn on my head is due to dana in several ways.  first of all, she’s the queen of yarn turban arrangement.  secondly, she gifted me the 50% merino, 50% alpaca that i had just spun and then put on my head.  cheers, dana!! (here’s her shop.)

lastly, some pixie hoods have been popping up… here and here. and i love love love this hat. i adore when the projects made from my patterns are something i would never make.  claim that pattern and make it your own, i say!

there’s so much happening, you’d think the season’s were changing or something :D  tonight’s dinner?  fresh tomato soup.  more tomorrow.

shine-along and other sightings

as to the word-along, jennifer made two AWESOME think caps here and here (rav links). aren’t they brilliant? i love the depth of color she’s achieved by combining yarns.

and with permission of dawn, her shine hat.

Shine Hat 1, originally uploaded by DawnsRays.

here’s her blog entry. this one doubles as both a book knit and a word-along. i really like how it’s double sided and the sun has a lot of movement in it.

book knits:
puppy dog knits is on a total roll in the mitt category, scroll down to see her version of 3!! pairs of mitts from the book.

amysuz’s ravelry stream has several book hats and emily’s ravelry stream has hats, mitts, scaves – you name it!!

the first of the headbands from the book looks great!!

a back alley hat in fabulous colors from paperkitty and a flutter neckscarf to boot (rav links).

my yarn:
my friend lynne who became addicted to knitting after sharing a booth with me at the may market made this neckscarf from my yarn.

when craft punk won the name game a while ago, she bought this yarn and then made these super cool mitts (rav link).

free patterns:
love this train tam with yoyos (rav link) and there is another fabulous train tam over on the ranger sarah blog.

check out the scrap-happiness that is jocelyngermany’s project page on ravelry. so many scrap-happy hats :)

and this bity geometric helmet hat makes me smile to no end.

that’s all for today.  i’m rucuperating from camp, anticipating scrabble, and expected a quasi-surprise visitor.  have a great weekend!


yay! i’m so excited that bunch of you are interested in doing a word-along. i made a thread in the knit one, embellish too group over on ravelry. you are perfectly welcome to join the group or just chat in the thread. i’m excited to see what everyone else does.

4 lbs, 4 oz!!

while dyeing this 4 lbs 4 oz (!!) of roving on independence day… i started knitting my first hat to embroider on for the word-along… although there’s always the danger of embroidering on a hat i’ve already knit too. one thing that i like about words is that they have less masculine or feminine connotations – so they’re great for hats men can wear too. as you all know, i’m always looking for those.

a lot of roving II

a lot of roving I

these rovings should last me a while :) although i have already spun one up.

command word-along

this could totally be an idea that nobody is interested in… but i was wondering if any of you all would be interested in knit-a-long of making accessories and embroidering words on them. i think of these words as ‘command’ words because when i learned the french language, that’s what we called them – plus it makes me giggle that my hat’s commanding people to take action in some way. when i made this hat

biker hat

ben and i spent some very silly times coming up with other command words i could use on hats. i think this kettle started brewing with this hat though, commanding people to ‘craft.’

i was originally just going to ask you for your ideas of words for me to use, but i thought it would be much more exciting to have company :) i could put the word swim on a hat, but since i’m not a swimmer, it wouldn’t make much sense. let me know if you’re interested and i’ll start a thread in the ravelry group.

biker hat

seriously though, what would you like to command the people around you to do…
i’m thinking my next one might need to say grow…

UPDATE: i started the thread here. hurrah!

i spy…

with my little eye – some more knits!! sorry for all of the short posts and lack of email responses this week, i’m feeling a bit under the weather.

for the blog

here is shana’s finished handspun hat, more photos of it, and, if you missed the last post, the yarn and roving. she also just got her dissertation bound. yipee!

emily has made another fabulous hat. love the color combo on this one and the buttons are the perfect!

leethal spun and knit this neckscarf out of some alpaca she inherited. it must just be lush up against the skin. get the whole story on why she has so much alpaca here.

lots of fun stuff is brewing in pgh this weekend. i’ll be hawking my wares over here. if you’re in town, you should stop by and say ‘hi!’ i’m off to dye some wool. have a great day!