d’s baptismal blanket

here are the previous two if you missed them, or want to know a bit more about our group. and here’s the new one made by the sixth church knitting group.

d's blanket

d's blanket

i spent a good 3 hours of my sabbath yesterday sewing this one together. the babe was baptized maybe last month?  maybe the month before? we are a bit behind. or rather, we didn’t know about this baptism until 2 weeks before and we, as a knitting group, are not quite that fast ;)  but it is done and ready for delivery on sunday.  we wish many blessings on this babe and his family.

d's blanket

dad’s log cabin

finally done!

dad's blanket

-mostly random wools from the stash all the way from dk to aran weight.
-size 8 needles – that somewhere in the middle of knitting were stole out of it and then i had a heck of a time figuring out which size needles i was using.
-the border is done in lovely squishy soft top of the lamb worsted by brown sheep. first time i’ve used it and i liked it quite a bit!
-here’s the helpful tutorial about i-cord that i used to figure out how to do the corners, although perhaps going up a needle size like rachel suggested would have been good.  blocking would probably fix the little bit of curl, but really, i’m just going to mail it.

dad's blanket

i’m really excited to get this to him.  totally a labor of love… because i know he’ll love it. and now that my mom’s retired and knitting – she and my dad apparently come to this space. hi mom! hi dad! your christmas presents will soon be on their way.


one knitting group that i participate in is through my church. we meet twice a month.  it was started by my friend lara who did not know how to knit at the time.  for that reason, i got recruited pretty quickly to help with the technical part.

baby blanket

our current focus is on making blankets for all of the new babies in the church to be given to them on the day of their baptisms.  there were 4 born this summer and 2 more due in november.  after finishing up this blanket (number 2), i have to say that in our two years, we have come a long way!

and, proudly, you must know that most of the squares were just about the right size.  go team!

p.s. and i published my november newsletter if you’re interested.


these last few weeks, after living here two years, i’ve discovered that i love autumn. in montana, where i lived my first 26 years, i love summer. the sky is so blue and the dry heat so nice after a long winter. the mountains are so pristine, the lakes so lovely and ready to be swum in. the summer is even better there if you have a nice winter with lots of snow.  autumn and spring are short and swift in montana, times when i was re-starting school and too busy to notice.

in vancouver, it was the spring.  cut down a rainforest and put up a city and things start growing and blooming early and bountifully.  spring was refreshing.

but here, in pittsburgh which i now call my home, it is not summer that i love. i still like summer. i love the heat and the wearing of little clothing, but the autumn makes me want to get out and do things like the summer did in montana. the air feels so good, crisp.  mornings are sublime.  i want to walk, hike, and do the things i did in montana in the summer.

you may recognize this project from way back here. the colors are way more accurate in the photo from the previous post.
dad's blanket

i’m transitioning back into doing knitting and spinning as work this week, but this was my buffer zone, my liminal space for a couple of days.  and i must say it was a delightful space to be in.  for me, like for many knitters, the transition into autumn mirrors the transition into thinking about keeping my family warm and comfortable.  this afghan, crisp mornings, and the cool weather that calls for soups and stews from my CSA box produce makes me a happy happy girl.

what about you?  have you moved from one place to another and discovered your preferences change?  have you had a piece of simple lovely knitting see you into a new season?  how have you lived in the transition of the season?  what has changed in the last few weeks?

p.s. i whole heartedly encourage transtional behaviors that include knitting log cabins and thoroughly blame and thank the mason-dixon knitting ladies for the pattern.

my dad

the first thing the man said when he saw his socks was something to the effect of ‘they’re going to make fun of me.’


and then i asked my mom if he was going to wear them anyway and she said yes :)

dad's log cabin

and so, the next dad gift, a log cabin afghan.  for next christmas.  i figured this one might take a while, and my friend camille spurred it on by giving me a copy of mason-dixon knitting.  although i must admit, as with all scrappy things, it is quite addictive.  i had red and orange in it at one point.  heels and toes, yes.  blanket?  i’ll be trying to stick to greens, blues, and browns.

anyone else knit a log cabin?