babe’s blankets

two blankets for the new little. first, his handspun one. one skein of my snapdragon worsted, 8ish ounces of handspun falkland, dyed in top form by a good friend, and something like cascade 220 for the edging. raveled here.
w's handspun blanket
w's blanket
close up of handspun
second, one snuggly. he will have 3 snugglies in all.  his brother has three. his is the target looking one, the other belongs to m.
and here’s a pic of me at 36 weeks, 2 days… taken in a very dirty mirror.

i have been knitting

really! it started out with finishing the legs on these two soakers a few weeks after the babe made his appearance… and now he needs this size because he is a giant.  no newborn things for him!  in hindsight, i probably shouldn’t have even bothered with the newborn sizes.  alas. raveled here and here.

rainbow chard soaker
handspun soaker

then i almost finished this tomten, but misplaced (ahem) the last ball of yarn for the end of the sleeve so, later i guess. the yarn is handspun dyed for the falkland fiber club – colorway pacific.  a bit greener in person. raveled here.

m's tomten

and then i went on to work on this, but also can’t find any more of the yarn… you can see the first color in the blanket here. the handspun is next. raveled here.


and what’s with all this yarn loss? well, the studio is moving! into a larger space in our house. you can see the last very small space here. i’m hoping to start teaching more and having open houses for the business at least once a month, where people can come hang out and/or buy things.

grandmama made

it’s my estimated due date! but i’m pretty certain there will be no babe today – which is fine. it will come some time. in the meantime, i’m still sorting through things and getting things ready, pulling out the little little things.

recycled wool soakers

yesterday i lanolized some soakers for the first time, including these two recycled sweater ones that my mom made.  note the animal type shape on the butt of the one. i think she couldn’t decide what she wanted it to be, so left it vague.  she was also having a hard time finding sweaters where she lives, so i sent her a box full… and so in the winter expect more of these cuties!  and hopefully some little felted wool pants.

knit taggy blanket

some time last week i sorted stuff by somewhat age appropriateness (or what i guessed to be age appropriate…) and found this little taggy blanket my mom made.  the front is handknit cotton and the back is lined in cotton fabric.  i’m pretty sure she stole the tags off of a not very good shape blanket she found at the thrift store.  and that, my friends, is where my thriftiness comes from.  anyhow, i love it and it will be one of the first things the babe will get.

more small things to come tomorrow!

p.s. i have 2 weeks to have this baby and you have 2 weeks to take advantage of the birth month pattern sale!  don’t forget :)

and what’s on the needles now

there are still openings in the falkland fiber club if you’re interested!

tweedy mitered blanket

tweedy mitered blanket

brainless and fun. raveled here.  i’m not making many decisions on this one, just enjoying the process.  i might have enough of the purple to work the whole blanket, but i might not want to.  i’ve been pondering different tweeds or some handspun squares…  i am, however, going to use up as much of the white as possible.  love!  tweed!

and a scarf for ben’s professora

lace!  and kidsilk haze

he’s graduating! and she’s been great. and it’s my first time knitting with kidsilk haze, which is simply a gorgeous yarn. although a bit thin for my taste, it is perfect for this project, and so i am sucking it up and enjoying the beauty while it lasts.  raveled here.

of course, that’s not all that’s on the needles, but that’s the new stuff.  i’m also planning to cast on for the crossbow mittens to match the hat.  mostly i’m waiting in a limbo… handmade arcade is coming up and i need to wait until after it to steal more of my hand dyed yarn and work on some more designs.

p.s. a bit late in telling you here, but here’s this month’s newsletter if you’re interested.

a latent gift

so.  some friends got married.  we were there.  it was lovely.

we couldn’t decide what to get them.  then they bought a house.


and our brains started thinking that maybe a knit gift would be best.  you see, they come to town every few months and hang out to do fiber arts with us. this was a gift that took some percolating.

the blanket!

so we took her favorite colors (he’s colorblind), and her favorite yarn (lamb’s pride), and the three of us made this. 3 strips, 3 strips, 2 strips and the sewing up.

gwen with the blanket

apparently it was a good choice, not only did the not have a permanent blanket to curl under in their living room yet, but the house was indeed variations on her favorite colors. and we finally got it to them yesterday. better late than never, eh?  and we had a fun time knitting, spinning, and eating to boot.  happy wedding and housewarming!

gwen and rich

introducing… a handspun blanket

if i have, in the past 3 months, seemed distracted, or not my usual bloggy self, this might explain some things. i found out right before rhinebeck that i was pregnant again.

handspun baby blanket

and when i showed up to my friend sarah’s house, she gifted the impending babe with this beautiful blanket. this is super special because sarah and i learned to dye and spin together back in vancouver. it’s also super special because, well, it’s a handpsun blanket!

handspun baby blanket

apparently there’s even some stuff i dyed in there. sarah used the subtle stripes techniques. it’s truly amazing in person, you’ll have to take my word for it.  thanks sarah!

and lastly, if you want to see the impending, here’s the belly at 12 weeks. since i miscarried late in the first trimester last time, i popped quite early this time. and since i had maternity jean hand-me-downs from a friend, i’ve been wearing them since 10 weeks.  it’s funny to wear maternity clothes when nobody really can tell your pregnant yet.  it’s like a very silly secret.

p.s. i am now keeping track of my pregnancies as they relate to fiber festivals.  one week before maryland last year i miscarried, and one week before rhinebeck this year, i found out i was pregnant again.

handspun pinwheel

if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll remember that this once happened. and then at the cusp of week 13, about a year ago, the weekend before MDSW, the post script to this post happened.

and then chaos ensued including a sick mother-in-law and travel 31 days in 3 months followed directly by ben’s hardest (read: busiest) semester of school yet.  so, who’s this blanket for?  this blanket is for the hope that some day the first part of that might happen again.  hopefully soon.

last yarn off of the sonata

frankly, this yarn was lovely and soft – mostly farm wool bfl – and i knew it was destined to be this.  so i made it.  even though it makes me slightly sad to look at and slightly embarrassed to talk about who it’s for – because there is no who yet.

handspun pinwheel

pattern: pinwheel blanket – from the lovely book knitalong
yarn: my handspun batts, random hand dyed yarn, and portland tweed
needles: size 8, 24 in. circular
[rav link]

handspun pinwheel

this was my go-to brainless project for the last month or two.  i loved mixing the handspun with commercial in a larger project and i’m pretty certain that another soft handspun will be used to make a square version too.  we’ll wait for the right yarn though and maybe we’ll be pregnant again by then.

handspun pinwheel

i had to adjust the colors quite a bit on these photos due to my camera hating both lime green and turquoise. hardest thing to take photos of EVER!  the handspun actually picks up on the blue and the lime commercial wools really well and the turquoise is darker.

handspun pinwheel