Kellyn Tunic

A cute little A-line tunic dress with a contrasting garter stitch short row button band and plenty of space to embellish as you see fit.

Yarn: Cosymakes Rainbow Chard Light or Snapdragon Sport, 220(250, 320, 360, 400) yds [201.2(228.6, 292.6, 329.2, 365.8) m] and 130(135, 140, 150, 160) yds [119(123.4, 128, 137.2, 146.3) m] of a contrasting color

Needles: size 4, 5, and 7 US [3.5, 3.75, and 4.5 mm] 16 in. [40.6 cm] or longer circular or straight needles, or whatever size needles you need to get gauge

Gauge: 6 sts and 8 rows per inch [2.5 cm] on size 5 [3.75 mm] needle

Sizes: 3 mo. (6, 12, 18, 24) or chest size 16(17, 18, 19, 20) in. [40.6(43.2, 45.7, 48.3, 50.8)] cm

Length: 12.5(13, 14, 16, 17.5) in. [31.75(33, 35.6, 40.6, 44.5) cm] long

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On Ravelry here.

and more scrap stripes

6 month size vests
scrap stripes vests - 6 mo.

6 month size dress
scrap stripes dress - 6 mo.

and now the 12 mo. size vests. these two are already slated for particular babes.
scrap stripes vests - 12 mo.

and i’ve started a 12 mo. size dress for another little one.

today i am actually getting time to work!  on my list:
1) figuring out kellyn – done being tested.  need to fix the buttonband a bit.  ready to publish?
2) getting this hat to test knitters – publishing one of the other two hats in the series that are ready to go? or save them until fall?
3) maybe getting mary louise re-test knit.

a small rant.  seriously.  i got this shawl out of one skein.  but it has been nothing but trouble since then.  i had 3 test knitters, all very good knitters.  and all reliable test knitters.  one dropped out, or at least i haven’t heard from her in a loooong while.  the two others both had problems, but those ended up not being a problem.  but how do you fix a problem that’s not a problem?  so the process drug on until they figured out it wasn’t a problem.  one even sent me the shawl to take a look at.  and they finally got the shawl done, but one was using a different yarn (insert kicking self here) and the other was using my yarn but ended up with a way larger shawl and needed a second skein.  as i said, she is reliable… so she did a gauge swatch and everything.  so before i publish or do anything i now need to find one or two more test knitters, send them yarn, and see if they can get gauge and the correct sized shawl out of one skein. and yes, i am refusing to knit another one of these.  and i’m sure all of my test knitters hate this pattern too.


this one has been done for a long time!  i had it as a sample at my booth at Indie Knit and Spin in november.  and the original done in this handspun is in australia not being worn during their summer.  some day i’ll get a picture of that one too!
orsolya II
orsolya II
i truly love this easy peasy top down dress, but what really puts me over the edge?  the pockets.  raveled here. made from snapdragon worsted.
orsolya II