my name is cosette cornelius-bates, although most people call me cosy. i am a full time fiber artist living in pittsburgh, pa. i have a fine arts background that turned very easily into fiber art when given the chance. i like making things and find myself right at home with the colors and textures of all things woolie. i spin, knit, dye, recycle, embellish, design, and teach. i can often be found hawking my wares at yarn shows, at my studio (see below) and through the cosymakes shop. my independent patterns are available in my ravelry pattern shop, the rest can be found in my book Knit One, Embellish Too: Hats, Mittens, and Scarves with a Twist.

i’m hoping that my future holds much more designing, teaching, knitting, dyeing, spinning, and recycling. thanks for visiting my blog and i hope you enjoy it.

cosymakes studio!

cosymakes studio

Located at 1406 S. Negley Ave in Pittsburgh, PA, cosymakes studio offers

Classes for all levels – including design, color exploration, my patterns, and sweater recycling

My hand dyed yarns, Knitpicks needles, and my pattern samples to see and PDFs for sale

Open studios twice a month for knitting, spinning, shopping, and hanging out (one Friday and one Sunday)

I share the studio with the lovely Sharon of Sharon Rudyk Yoga and we offer a fabulous yoga and knitting combination class 8 times a year

Open on Tuesdays for a mama knitting group (babes and non mamas also welcome!) from 10-12, by appointment and during lessons.

I can be contacted at cosymakes (!at) gmail (dot!) com if you have any questions or requests for classes, or if you’d like to make an appointment or request a class

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32 thoughts on “about

  1. hello cosy,
    i was so excited yesterday to discover your blog. I had been missing cosyknits so much (self-imposed rule: not enough time for flickr!) but now you have a blog i’ve subscribed to you. Your writing is wonderful and your work as lovely as always… thank you for inspiring me!

  2. Hey Cosy!

    I love your site and your hats! You are so creative and it’s really wonderful to read about your thesis and the different things you are doing! Thanks for the blogging inspiration!


  3. Hi Cosy,
    As I really love your stuff so much I had the idea to ask you this:
    Do you have any tutorial for people interested in experiment dyeing?
    I got some kilos of wool from Tunisia and I would like to try to make some experiment… Thanks in advance!!!

  4. hey cosy: i really enjoy your blog and your projects. i am new at knitting and have become addicted to everything from yarn to thread. i would really like to learn how to use recycled material as you do from sweater. how do you go about “ripping” them. any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks for your time. mary

  5. Hi. I found you on Ravelry. When I saw that you had done an MCS about knitting, I knew it had to be at Regent. :-) I went to Regent for a year between my undergrad and grad programs. I have only been knitting (with natural fibers, of course!)for about a year, but am really loving it! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi since it seems we intersect at a couple of points.

  6. Hey There Cosy!

    How are you? Nice page! I am looking forward to your book. Alissa told me about your website and I’m glad I finally got to it. How are you liking your new locale?

  7. Hi! Greetings from cold old Germany! I have been admiring your knitwear at your etsy shop, flickr and your blog for a while now and I can´t help it i am a huge fan of your hats including your color themes!
    Frieda aka the hatfairy at ravelry

  8. Dear Cosy, You are so wonderful and talented. I wish you could be shared personally with everyone. We are beyond fortunate to have you in the Tuesday knitting group. Thanks for spinning for me. Fondly,Sue

  9. Dear Cosy, looking at your creations makes me want to knit more. I have been knitting for 3yrs and have so much to learn. Just not enough time in a day. Can’t wait for your book to come out! I will be keeping my eyes open for your book at Barnes and Noble. Have you thought of a book signing in Baltimore @ the B&N at White Marsh? Have you thought about selling your book at Stitches East? I just joined Ravelry and I wanted to know what I could look you up under so I could look at your works on their web site. Best wishes on your new book, I wish you much success! Happy Knitting, Patti

  10. Cosy~
    It is Jane, Lynn’s aunt. It has been so long since I have heard anything from you. Lynn forwarded your website to me and this was the only way I found to e-mail you to get a response!! Please send me an e-mail so we can chat.
    Looks like you are doing great –

  11. Hi Cosy,

    This is Kristen, the mom. I am in Vancouver and we are missing you. Congratulations on your book! Very exciting to see the fruit of the labors.

    Believe it or not it is sunny again this AM, it was the first day Liss went to work without a jacket. Big day on the calendar. We are thinking we will refinish the dining room table this afternoon. (I have wanted to do it for several years)

    I loved the new baby sweaters that are posted, darling.

    Hope you are enjoying Pittsburgh, I lived there as a child, in Bradford Woods. I have fond memories of the trees.

    Missing you, K

  12. Your site as well as your work are adorable. I am actually not a knitter(truth be told I have zero artistic talent in my entire body!) however I am a purveyor of any products that are both cozy and high-quality. I was so pleased to run across your site today. Just wanted to say good luck, and your products are delightful~!

  13. Dear Cosy,
    I’m My. I’m really love your hats and your gloves. It’s so wonderfull. I love to knit. And i’ll try a new hat on your hats =D

  14. Finally got your book from the library I was like 25th on the list when I placed the hold on it.
    It was well worth the wait, the book is AWESOME. I’m a novice knitter, but also an instant gratification kind of girl so I love all of the projects in this book. It’s nice to find a use for my grandmothers old button box.

  15. Cosy, Dawna will love your site! Whe is a knitter too, among other things. She worked at Kaye’s Creative Knitting in Missoula while we lived there. Glad to see you are doing what you ahve always loved doing! Stay warm! geo

  16. Cosy,
    It was great to meet you at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet festival. I’m the girl with the baby in the wrap! So happy to see that you’ll be making a larger size pattern for the sweaters!! Yay!!

  17. Hi Cosy,
    I bought your Knit One, Embellish Two book a couple months ago. I’m just finishing up my first project – the Berry Bramble Hat. I just have a question about the crocheting on the edge of the hat. Do I make a crochet chain first and then attach it to the hat or do I use the stitches on the hat somehow and crochet right on the hat? there are no instructions in the book that I can find.

  18. Hi Cosy,
    Just bought the Jonah pattern the other day and started on it today. It’s a bit more of a project than I’ve done in the past but I’m about to be a godmother again and wanted to do something special! I have a question though: When it says in the Set Up instructions to put the markers on the bold knit stitches does that mean I should place the markers before or after the bold knit stitches?
    Thanks for your help. I might need more!

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  20. I am knitting the Springling Shawl for a prayer shawl ministry at OSF Hospital.
    When it states to k l ridge – do I knit two rows in garter stitch?
    Is there a video for the pattern?
    Thank you
    Judy Furniss

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