a new purpose

when i started this blog back in january 2007, the purpose of this blog was for me to dig deep into knitting… and to document my thesis.  i read knitting history books and wanted to talk about the angora fad, argyle sock knitting, and the hat they found in a bog and how old it might be.

in the beginning, i only knew how to post one picture per post.  that is kind of hilarious.  i totally learned everything one thing at a time.

while finishing my thesis i spent my time working on my book. here’s an early peek.  i avidly bought and recycled thrift store sweaters.  i taught others to do the same.

there was the time my book was published and you all stepped up to preorder copies so i wouldn’t have to get a real job!  that was amazing.

or the time i knit for that one movie!  and that one actor!

and i did this stuff full time and blogged every few days, if not every other.  that was a really freaking great job, talking to you all every day and sharing the fiber arts love.

i made hats!  by the gagillions.  people still see them in the wild and tell me about them. i love that.  i did craft fairs and yarn shows.  including some big ones.

i went to SOAR on scholarship and shared all my knowledge here. perhaps a bit much, but post after post after post of my new and exciting spinning knowledge.  and you all agreed to have a conversation with me.

then i dyed yarn and fiber.  i started a farm wool fiber club – so fun!  i started a few yarn lines… it all began with a small batch of rainbow chard and grew from there.

i became a somewhat serious designer.

i started a local indie yarn show! (what?  how did that happen?)

and i had not one, but two babies!  and now, with life catching up with me… i need to focus.  but i thought in the meantime i’d thank you for being here with me.  especially if you’ve been here from the beginning, because that is a crazy long time to be my internet friend.  thank you for having the conversation.  thank you for sharing fiber love.  thank you for buying stuff from me, for test knitting for me, and for all around good times.

that said, this blog is going to not have much activity on it for the foreseeable future.  when i publish patterns they will be posted here.  this might just be a pattern site from here on out.  if you’re not too averse to lots of baby/child related posts for our family who lives far away, you can friend me on facebook (Cosette Cornelius-Bates).

xoxo and happy woolie trails,

this is the first picture of me that appeared on this blog
hand dyed traditional mittens - modeled

6 thoughts on “a new purpose

  1. Oh! That was so long ago. It’s amazing how things change and morph and grow and fall away. I’m so glad that I found your beautiful photos on Flickr and started following your life! This photo of your mitts (https://flic.kr/p/fqcPV) was the very first I “favorited” on Flickr 8 years ago. I still adore them! And then we got to meet in person when you moved to Pgh and you’ve been with me for many adventures (including encouraging me to just get married already – and now it’s been 5 years). And now you are embarking on yet another new and exciting turn in life. Hoobah!

  2. Hi, I am a late comer to your blog and have enjoyed you posts and projects. Life gets very,very busy once the children start to arrive. They grow so quickly that you want to hug every moment close. So, go enjoy your family and I will look forward to your occasional posts.

  3. Oh Cosy. You are such a fabulous artist and designer. I love seeing everything you do. And you are a great help to me always with my very humble projects. And I adore your blog. xo

  4. Glad I was able to follow along with you’re journey. It was wonderful seeing your designs and yarns as well as working with your fiber.

    Good luck finding focus in your life and family.

  5. Well, this makes me somewhat sad (selfishly!), but also very happy for you! I just found you on Wednesday, and now I’ve read this last post…….I’ve a lot of years to go back and read, don’t I? LOL I wish you well, and since I have two grandkids to knit for, I look forward to your children’s patterns……and I’ve already seen a TON of your patterns on Ravelry! Now I’m going to see if I can buy your book!


  6. Well, we have just been loving your hats – especially the titles – but the yarns are beautiful! Hope you get to come back later, when the little ones are growed up.

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