tiny circles

i’ve never done a swap over ravelry before and this one was made up for my swap partner in the due in April 2014 group.  we had to include a finished knit of some sort.  swapping is so fun!
tiny circles
i could not have been better matched, than with this fabulous fiber artista. she loves wool, doesn’t use superwash, and didn’t find out if it was a boy or a girl but was vaguely using this color scheme for the babe’s room.  i made it 12 month size, since i figured that would last through next winter.  and some day i’ll write up the pattern. promise ;)
tiny circles
have i told you how much i love colorwork?  originally i thought i’d make a vest, but realized the only vest i’d be happy with is one that included steeks, and i haven’t done those yet.  so next on my learning agenda – steeks!  so i can make colorwork vests and sweaters into cardigans.  made from all my hand dyed sport weight yarns, of course.  raveled here.

5 thoughts on “tiny circles

  1. Wow, that is fabulous! I’ve only knitting one sweater with color work and that was back in 1998 and it was with my very first handspun yarn. I really need to give it a try again. LOL
    You really do love to inspire us!

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