spinning fiber SALE!

i’m putting on clearance all of the spinning fiber in the shop! usually $17 for 4 oz, now only $13. they’ve been sitting around my house way too long, and may look a bit tatty… but trust me, they still spin awesome. it is the hazzard of having soft shortish spinning fiber.
if you order 3 or more, i’ll knock the price even lower to $12/braid. after you buy, i’ll refund the money over paypal. i’m only shipping on friday/saturday right now, so you’ll have to wait a little if you shop early in the week ;)

also, if the shipping ends up being way less than charged, i’ll refund after i go to the post office. this especially applies to international.

i still have a couple of pictures to take – 2 colorways corriedale and some muted green/grey/blue falkland. as a special i’ll also be putting up 3 braids of red/pink/orange/purple colorways to be bought together for $30.  i should have those up later today. in the meantime, browse here!

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