a change in life

as you all know, if you’ve been following me a while, my business appears to change at least a bit each year.  sometimes a lot.  there was the time i gave up my art hat knitting for yarn dyeing and designing.  there was the short time i had a little studio.  there was the time i gave up craft fairs to do fiber shows…
so many changes! and now, with baby number two pending, i’m thinking of another change. it will just be temporary, but i’m thinking of dyeing and making kits for some of my patterns. it seems more manageable than keeping lots of yarn in stock at all times and then maybe i can even market the kits to yarn stores?  anyhow, it would be great if you could take the following poll and help me decide what to focus on!  you can pick more than one and please list in the other space or comment on this post with any particular patterns you’d like to see in kit form.

here are the patterns, if you need to be refreshed.

and to sweeten the deal, i’ll draw 3 names on the 6th of February in the morning and give each person one free pattern of their choice… please leave a comment in the comment section if you’d like to be in the drawing. thanks for the help!
line of knits

25 thoughts on “a change in life

  1. I think kits a very good way to go. Many knitters like to have everything they need for a project in one package. Kits would also be less stressful physically,emotionally, and financially. You could offer a few kits with the pattern and with a different combination of yarns. Placing kits in different yarn shops may bring you more exposure too. Go with your gut. Deep down you know what will work best for you and your family. It is a very exciting idea and I wish you all the best!

  2. I’ve wished you had kits to your patterns for the last few months. I voted for baby sweaters, because that where I am right now, but I would be interested in any kits!

  3. I love your patterns, and I think that offering kits is a great idea! Do you ever look at Alicia Paulson’s blog (http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/posie_gets_cozy/)? She started making Christmas ornament kits several years ago, and now she’s making (lots of!!!) doll kits. She takes preorders and then rallies her family and friends to assist with the assembly process. I realize your product/business is a little different, but she’s got a good successful model for you to take a look at if you want.

  4. I’m so glad that you’re able to change your work to fit your needs. You’re one of my favourite designers and artists and I love seeing your progress!

    That said… I miss your fibre like you wouldn’t believe. When I lived in the US (Londoner here, now), I was part of two of your fibre clubs, and I loved them so much. I still check the shop every so often to see if a cheeky bit of fibre shows up–now that I’ve shipped my wheel over, paying the postage would be worth it for me, every once in a while!

    And your patterns are still my first go-to when I’m looking for something in particular to make. This morning I was checking for colourwork fingerless mitts for a little girl… I’d envisioned something like your reflections hat, but in mitts form. Alas, I’ll either have to settle for something else, or make it up myself!

  5. My 3 boys are in their 20’s now so I am not in a baby sweater stage of life. I remember fondly each sweater I knit for each of them during my pregnancies. (Favorite sweater was the one for son #3.) A special time. I love knitting hats and would like to do some fingerless mitts. I have only bought two kits before and those were from Morehouse–one for a scarf and the other for a sort of poncho type thing. I think a kit can be good if there are lots of different types of yarn made to work together. Enter me in your drawing, please!

  6. I think colour work kits are a great idea. Intend to find making my own colour choices intimidating, so it would be nice to be able to pick from premade choices.

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