August Vest

this is the next pattern that i am working on… and this shawl because i can’t seem to stick to one pattern at a time ;)
august vest
i just made M a 2T size with some extra length
august vest
so i have questions for you. first, how old of a boy would you put one of these on? i was thinking about only going up to 4T, but if any of you think someone larger would wear it, i can go bigger.

next, what do you think of a dress version? with some fun triangular shortrow inserts? i guess that would be a different pattern, but sounds fun to me…
august vest

2 thoughts on “August Vest

  1. My six year old would definitely wear this, but I’m not sure how much longer he is going to be into mama-made’s. My eight year old still requests them, but she is very specific about what she’d like me to make.

    I LOVE the colors, and I definitely think it would make a cute dress… I know a particular little boy who always wanted to “match” his sisters, and a vest and a dress would be so very awesome!

  2. I definitely think a six year old would were it, and maybe older than that if they are cool and crunchy. My 14 yo still loves traditional looking handknit sweaters–but she definitely falls into the category of knowing that “weird is good”.

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