excuses, excuses

so i have three good excuses for not being here for almost a month.

1) i am knitting! i finished a sweater. other things in progress including a vest and sweater for M, and this summer’s shawl which i still haven’t finished.
2) indie knit and spin. vendor searching, vendor accepting. it is expanding this year, so it’s taking a bit more work.

3) and lastly, the first trimester of a new pregnancy. baby building is hard… especially with a teethy 2 year old who no longer naps.

notes about the sweater:
on ravelry here.

this sweater would have fit much much better if i had actually finished it back in 2010 before i got pregnant with m. instead, my body has changed shape and i could have used to go up at least one size. i moved the buttons down so they didn’t choke me and i think it may be quite cute with my pregnant belly sticking out of it… or if not cute, at least it will still fit since it only has the 3 buttons.

i’ll also be publishing a pattern tomorrow!  woohoo.

8 thoughts on “excuses, excuses

  1. Hurraaaay for your pregnancy! I’ve had a feeling lately that you might be pregnant actually. I was looking as closely as I could at your belly in previous posted pictures to see if I could detect a baby bump. Then I sped through your excuses list in this post, because I knew from the title there’d likely be a pregnancy announcement in there. Seriously. Is it possible to claim that my doula intuition is strong enough to read the signs across the country via blog? ;) Oh, I’m so happy for you. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations Cosy on being a mom again! You have that glow and look great. Love the sweater. Now M will have a playmate to keep him busy. Looking forward to you next blog.🌻

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