the list

of patterns that need drafting or still need work on – from oldest to newest…
to be graded still...
Think Green – originally made from fingering (aug 2010), recently knit into sport weight.

Crossbow Mittens – no pictures, I have one mitten completed.  Hat published quite a while ago, and I think the hang up is that I need to use different colors.

Knit Purl Sampler Shawl (from last summer!), this one is next on my list after getting the last of the colorwork hats to test knitters.

Carson Ski Sweater – this one is destined to have small sizes in sport weight and larger sizes in worsted or aran – that is 2x the math and another knit!

August Vest baby/kiddo vest

Cecily dress

Lady J no pics of this one on the blog yet! was a Christmas present for a little friend.  i’ll put up pics soon.

sampler hat and mittens – not a good photo. this hat went to my brother for christmas. i still need to design the mittens.

Colorwork Hat Booklet – Loon, Ptarmigan, and Heron

Scrappy Vest/Dress

and this most recent dress

i think i could be a little bit behind. ha!

1 thought on “the list

  1. Beautiful designs! I’m really digging that cute sweater! The pockets really stand out. If you ever need test/sample knitters let me know. dustytreeknits on Ravelry.

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