sampler shawl

geesh. i need to get better organized! my time has been gobbled up by some designing i’ve been doing with the knit the bridge yarns for their indiegogo campaign… on a time line. that is why it seemed like i was in this space, then not in this space, and now i hope to maintain a goal of at least 2 posts a week. we’ll see if that works.
sampler shawl
i knit this last summer!  in the car on the way across the country.
sampler shawl
and then in the fall i took some not so good pictures of it.  twice.  and now finally i have a couple of decent ones.
sampler shawl
of course i’ll have to take more when i get around to writing up the pattern…
one skein of snapdragon light fingering. raveled here.

hope all is well with you!

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