m’s mittens

it was cold last week! really it was (although 60+! now). and with that cold, i thought m needed something a bit more hard core in the mitten category.
m's mitts
i used the snow day mittens pattern from my book. although it is only worsted weight wool, by working it on a size 4 needle, you get a nice thick, warm, wind proof fabric. and the verdict is… from the very cold day when we went on a walk – his hands were still warm! i think the next pair i’ll give a round top instead of pointy. also i accidentally made them a bit too long, so i guess they may fit next year? ha!  the blue is snapdragon worsted. raveled here.
m's mitts
and these mitts have been brought to you by my mom visiting for a couple of weeks. there’s no way i would have been able to whip them out so fast otherwise. thanks mom! here are the 3 of us on a cold walk.
cold day walk

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