June’s Newsletter

I’m re-printing this from the newsletter, although it does have different pictures! Note at the end, where I mention the shop will be closed for vacation.

Hi Woolie Friends,

There are great and crazy things afoot over here at cosymakes! I must let you know that this summer the fiber club fizzled. I only had two people sign up and we found ourselves carless, so I decided to take a break from it. And thank goodness I did… because a new chapter has come about. Or, if you’d rather, another layer has been added to the fiber arts snowball I’m rolling through life in :D

i whipped up this soaker for the babe since i had none in his current size

Introducing: cosymakes studio! I’ve always wanted a studio space to teach in outside my home. I tried it through one of my local yarn store, but that didn’t work so well. I also dabbled in dyeing a bit for them, but that was kind of a bust too. So without further ado, within the last 2 weeks I’ve landed a studio which has a teaching space and a small retail space. And I couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing the space with my lovely friend Sharon of Yoga Matrika.

Yarn and Yoga you say? Let me tell you about our first class: Working the Knots: Yoga and Yarn

It will be a fun time right at the space of what Yoga and Yarn converge. We’re hoping to run one of these a month, so if you can’t make it to this one, watch for another. Here’s a snippet.

From the description:
Join Sharon (YOGA) and Cosy (YARN) for this delightful workshop for yogis and knitters of all levels. The workshop begins with some stretches that are helpful for knitters and techniques for enhancing knitting and creativity in general through meditation and visualization. Once we are warmed up with all our creative juices flowing, we will explore the sensual and social sides of knitting by discussing our current projects and ideas together and receiving guidance from Cosy on a variety of unique techniques for materials, color work and pattern interpretation. Then, we’ll knit together and close our workshop with a deep relaxation guided by Sharon.

If you’re interested in more information (or in enrolling) click here.

mushroom detail – raveled here.

What does this mean? Not too much for you newsletter readers. Probably more designing and yarn dyeing. And a place you can take classes from me and see my samples and yarns in person, if you’re so inclined. You can always contact me if you’re just swinging through town and we can meet up there. There will also be a couple of open studios a month where people can just come and knit, spin, crochet, chat or whatever. But mostly it means this newsletter will be top half general interest and bottom half studio stuff. That way if you’re not in my area and totally uninterested, you can just read the top half.

So long story short, it’s kind of good that fiber club fizzled. I seem to have my plate completely full in a totally new way. Two patterns with test knitters, two more being graded to get out to test knitters. One schedule of classes to plan. One new blog to figure out. A retail space to plan. And one month – mid-July through mid-August – to dye as much yarn as I can get my hands on. I, sadly, think the monthly dyeing that went along with fiber club is going by the wayside now that I have all of this and an almost one year old. Instead I’ll probably be dyeing ridiculous amounts every time Ben has a break from teaching.

And so life moves on.
Hope you’re having a nice entrance into summer,

p.s. we will be out of town for quite a bit in the coming weeks – your next newsletter will come from montana! – and so if you wanted to buy any yarn or fiber from the shop, you should do it this week.

2 thoughts on “June’s Newsletter

  1. This summer is going to be wild! And I can’t wait to come for a visit when things calm down and see the studio. Are you going to need help moving in?

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