cosymakes studio

well!  the studio is a go.  i will have actual physical retail space for my yarns and samples and will be teaching classes as well as having open studio times for folks to come and sit and knit or spin.  also, those of you just stopping through pittsburgh can contact me and meet me there to see my stuff in person!

i’m busy imagining all of the fun things i can do with the space.  in the meantime, i will not be mentioning it too much on this blog, unless i take nice pictures or it seems like others outside the pittsburgh region might be interested.  instead, i will have it on this other blog, which is not quite up and running yet, as you can see :)  i’m busy thinking of scheduling, writing class descriptions, and figuring out google calendar.

i do want to mention here that the very first class we’ll be offering will be a Yoga and Yarn workshop. click here for more info. we hope to offer one of these a month as a cornerstone of our joint business. as to my side of the studio, there will also be a grand opening in september. whee!

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