what’s going on?

it has been busy over here!  my husband, who is an adjunct professor at 2 colleges/universities, is done for his semester.  which gives me a bit of time to work… meaning business work, but also housework and other odds and ends. sadly, not quite as much woolie work as i would want.

this sweater just needs the underarms grafted.  but it doesn’t need to be done right now, so probably won’t be.

almost done!

three baby patterns just need the math written up so i can get them to test knitters.


baptismal vest


i’ve been busting out a shawl for a friend who is moving away very soon.  there will also be a pattern for this one.

shawl in progress

and i need to spin some hair for a doll my mama is making the babe.  who, by the way, is passing the baby stage entirely too fast!

plus, my biggest wish, is to get the studio in a decent state so i can start having open studios in the fall!  but i’ve got all summer to do that minus big trips to MT, AK, and a cross country drive.  we’ll see.  this week we’ve been enjoying ben’s break with long walks, trips to the park, home cooked meals, and plenty of daddy/baby jogging/walking expeditions.  not to mention, naps for all.  and today i got to sleep in until 9.

and i’ve been particularly enjoying this.

i heart clothes lines

hope you’re having a nice spring!

5 thoughts on “what’s going on?

  1. Ack! Cosy!! If you need a test knitter for that awesome little dress, my awesome little miss would love a mama-made! She’s in either 12-18 or 18-24… right in between really.

  2. Sounds like you’ve got a great summer planned. And I can’t believe Malachi will be 1 already. I remember you stopping in my booth at Great Lakes and you were so pregnant! Also, I love that crazy looking clothesline. I keep thinking about putting up something in our backyard.. but it would be so far away. Plus I’m always afraid it’ll rain. Like today, I had my fiber drying on the porch and the next thing I knew a storm blew in and knocked everything off the line.

  3. Seriously, what a summer! These knits are gorgeous…hoping with the new house there will be time and space to pick up some knitting again. I just keep looking at those sweaters. Beautiful. Coming out to California on that road trip???

  4. Busy, busy! :)
    Do you already have test knitters? ‘Cuz you know…. I like to knit little girlie things…. If you needed me… :)
    Can you believe these babies are fast approaching one year! V just started standing up on her own! Wow! :)

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