wip: pikkuveli aka, light bright

i’ve been a bit quiet over here because i hurt my shoulder and couldn’t knit much for a bit, but i’m back at it now.

light bright

this is a sweater for m. from this pattern, which i think is so so lovely. i love looking at all the finished color combos. alas, the BRIGHT and DEEP purple blue in mine never comes out – on camera or when editing. raveled here.

i’m also working on some designs. next up is the math for the babe’s sweater.  then to test knitters.  then the crossbow mitts – which i have one knit already (they got put aside when i had pregnancy carpal tunnel).  then i think a sport weight version of this sweater.  there’s more on the list, but i don’t really think you need to know it all!

you may also like to know that i ordered some snapdragon fingering to dye, since i’m low and it’s a great summer yarn.

1 thought on “wip: pikkuveli aka, light bright

  1. Um, HELLO! That is one GORGEOUS sweater. Plink… in the queue its goes! ‘Cuz, ya know, I’m low on the list of things to knit (and craft, and garden, and cook, and clean, and blog all about…) ;-)

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