fairbanks the second

fairbanks the second

when it wasn’t 80 degrees in march, or 70 in april, you know, mid february, i decided the first fairbanks didn’t fit the little anymore. and as i mentioned, if i’d used worsted instead of aran or gone up a needle size on the first, i would have been golden. but there just wasn’t enough stretch in it.

fairbanks the second

so i made another one.

fairbanks the second

these are the leftovers from 2 skeins of snapdragon worsted.  the brownish color is leftover from my brother’s windschief. i love the yardage on these skeins! i also included a stripe of this in the babe’s most recent sweater.  and the purple is leftover from a sweater i’m currently knitting him. raveled here.

fairbanks the second

and he wore it a bunch before it turned to 70-80 degrees, so that’s good.

3 thoughts on “fairbanks the second

  1. Adorable. They grow out of stuff so fast, right? V only wore her stella pixie hat twice and into the keepsake box it went. He is so darling! :)

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