mama’s star beret

and the last of the christmas knitting… a beret for my mother.

star beret

wool makes her itch, so this one is alpaca, and as long as i can remember she has not worn hats on her forehead.  enter the beret-ish shape.  the perfect hat shape for my mama.

star beret

i’m going to write up the pattern for this one.  now that i’m done with the last yarn show of the season, you may actually see some of these patterns come to fruition.  that, or the baby will crawl and i’ll get nothing done.  we’ll see.

star beret

6 thoughts on “mama’s star beret

  1. I read your blog about every day and have always love your hats…I have afew of your patterns and my nieces have afew of your hats. I don’t comment often but I have to stop to tell you how much I love your work and I really love this beret.
    Oh and your little guy is growing so fast and is so very adorable. Looking forward to more of your patterns and posts.

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