baa baa black sheep

baa baa black sheep
have you any wool?
yes sir, yes sir,
twelves bag full.

one for the baby
and one for his mom
ten for the yarn room
and now they’re all gone.

this is ben’s version. he not only has a horrible memory for lyrics, i don’t actually think he knows the real lyrics to this one :)  and here’s a picture of the babe in his lovely baa baa black sheep shirt, gifted to him by a dear friend.

baa baa black sheep

p.s. if you’re in the DC area, you should come to this show. it’s awesome… and it’s this weekend!

3 thoughts on “baa baa black sheep

  1. Robb’s dad altered nursery rhyme when he was little. Robb didn’t know that these aren’t really the words until recently. Of course now he says it this way to Mo:

    Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man
    Bake me a cake as fast as you can
    Pat it and roll it and fill it with dough
    And feed it to Maureen …. right in the nose!
    Right in the nose!

    I find myself exclaiming “Right in the nose!” all the time now.

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