jayne hat

ben’s eldest brother requested a jayne hat a while ago.  i thought a while about how to make this, since animal fibers (all except qiviut) make him itchy.  the yarn i decided on was blue sky worsted organic cotton.  it is seriously yummy and some of the only cotton i want to knit with.  also, it has an extensive pallet of colors to choose from.

cotton jayne

the only really lame part about this is the pompom.  cotton pompoms, not so good.  but i guess the pompom on the original was a bit lame also ;)  it just requires some fluffing.

cotton jayne

i didn’t use a pattern for my version, just looked at the pictures and went for it.  besides the original is bulky and this is aranish weight.  now, of course, ben wants one too.  i think i’ll do his out of lamb’s pride bulky.  but in the meantime, this xmas gift is on its way!  raveled here.

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