fairbanks hat

i’ve been asked many times to see this hat on a head… but i didn’t have one to model it until now! here are my attempts of a good photo of it. it probably would have fit him better had i used a true worsted rather than aran weight, but ah well.

m. - 6.5 months

fairbanks hat in action

i still love it and he wears it all the time. i hope this shows adequately enough how it fits and how adorably pointy it is!

fairbanks hat in action

fairbanks hat in action

speaking of hat fit, i’ve seen for myself now how different hat shapes look on different shaped heads on mostly bald babes. the difference in head shapes is amazing and totally effects how different hats look on them.  malachi has a wide head and two of our girl babe friends have heads that are shaped more front to back.  malachi looks great in square hats, but the girls look a bit silly.  and in adults, i’ve noted it on folks who tried on hats at my craft fair booths… and there are all of those folks who say they look horrible in hats.  i stand by that they haven’t tried on enough styles.  for instance, i look very bad in basic fitted round hats.  but that doesn’t limit me ;)

fairbanks hat in action

my version is raveled here.

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