orange crush

i still take selective commissions over here at cosymakes. this one goes to a very special family. the gentleman has bought numerous hats from me over the years. his first was from my very first handmade arcade here in pittsburgh, then he moved away and continued to buy.

mama version – raveled here
orange gust - mama version

baby version – raveled here
orange gust - baby version

so when he and his wife recently had their first baby, he requested a matchingish mom/baby duo – round hats with an orange base. i also made the baby one so it can roll up for the rest of this winter, and roll down and fit better for next winter. having just had a baby myself, how could i refuse!

mama orange gust

the color is a recent falkland fiber club colorway with an tiny bit of a couple extra colors spun in. the charcoal brim is some commercial wool and the embroidery is recycled sweater wool/angora.  the baby hat also has hand dyed recycled sweater yarn stripes and commercial wool stripes.

here’s an out-take of malachi and i modeling them when i had the first idea down, without the thicker swirls and snowflakes. not the most attractive picture, but it’s in focus! and he looks cute ;)

orange gust hats

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