bonnet winner and baby hat giveaway

first, the winner of the bonnet is… number 16!  annie :)  i’ll be in touch about how to claim this prize.

second, today is the last day to get in on the falkland fiber club!

and lastly, this week i’m giving away 3 baby hats to 3 different people. each of these hats should fit somewhere in the 0-6 month range. all are one-of-a-kind and made with hand dyed, handspun, recycled sweater, hand dyed and/or commerical yarn.

baby hat giveaway

in order to enter this one, you need to comment on this post, letting me know who the hat you get would be for. as always, get your comments in before friday at 8 pm eastern time and i’ll announce the winner next monday… along with another giveaway.  the first person drawn gets first pick of the hats.

15 thoughts on “bonnet winner and baby hat giveaway

  1. My husband and I just became certified foster parents in Allegheny County. We will be fostering babies. So…..a new hat would be perfect for us :)

  2. They are all so cute! The hat would either be for one of my kids if it fits :) or for my friend Rachel who is about to have a baby girl.

  3. Sorry, Cosy-I did nto say who the hat would be for: One of my good friends just became a grandma so I would give it to her to give to baby Lily….

  4. I would give one of your beautiful hats to my brother and sister in law in NYC, because they are getting very excited for their surprise baby, they are not afraid of color, and their child has no opinion yet, unlike my stubborn daughter.

  5. The fabulous hat would be for my chunky little bundle of mellow love, my brand new boy Ahmi Jones….and its finally winter here in N. Idaho.

  6. I would love to give one of these hats to Jessica for her new baby to be born any day now. She would just love to show it off with one of your hats. Choose me.

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