bonnet giveaway!

another reminder about falkland fiber club. only 6 more days to grab a slot here.

today i would like to give away a handspun bonnet. if your number is drawn, you’ll have your choice of one of these three.

bonnet giveaway - emma

art deco
bonnet giveaway - art deco

kentucky bluegrass
bonnet giveaway - kentucky bluegrass

being that these are all garter stitch, in order to enter you must comment and tell me what you like about garter stitch.  even if you hate it, it has got to be good for something! :)  plus i love it, so humor me.  oh!  and if you’re not a knitter and know nothing about this garter stitch of which i speak, feel free to lavish praises upon the bonnet of your choice for a chance to win.

get your comments in before friday at 8 pm eastern time and i’ll announce the winner next monday… along with another giveaway.

18 thoughts on “bonnet giveaway!

  1. Not a knitter but those bonnets are absolutely gorgeous. I love the unique designs and the clasps on the back. I also LOVE the fact these are Cozey from from start to finish in handmade individualism. I really love all of your work and the book is phenomenal. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I love garter because it doesn’t require any purling – I’m not a fan of purling! And I love the texture of it too. The way I see it, it’s a win-win

  3. I’m a crocheter, not a knitter, so I can’t comment knowledgeably on garter stitch. But I adore the bonnets; they frame the face perfectly, and can be worn with a ponytail! Awesome!

  4. Let me count the ways I love garter stitch! If I knit garter stitch flat, no purls and I don’t really have to look at what I’m doing so I can even read while knitting. It’s squishy and thick and warm. It shows off pretty yarns because of it’s simplicity. It makes a good substitute for ribbing on hats and other edges. I love the way a garter yoke looks on a sweater. I’m probably forgetting some things, but I do love myself a good garter stitch!

  5. Oh gosh, who doesn’t love garter stitch? I love it because it is so beautiful and squishy, and shows off thicker handspun yarns so beautifully. I love it because it is a palate cleanser after harder, lacy knits, yet never ever boring.

  6. I love the garter stitch too. It is easy and good for the soul to just keep it simple and relaxing. Love your blog and cool ideas too.

  7. I love garter stitch because it is squishy! I love the thickness of the fabric, love the texture, and I do like the way it looks.

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