pattern giveaway – mixed knits!

the first of the december giveaways! i’m not sure why, but i’m always in the mood to give something away in december. the holidays?  the weather?  the knitting for family and friends?  i’m not sure… but here’s the deal.

to enter this giveaway, you need to respond to this post by showing me you or your family (or someone!) in some handknit woolies that you’ve made. i’ve already shown you our family in knit hats, so i’ll kick things off with this pic of m and his papa.

oh!  and tell me about the knits.  ben’s hat is this hat from my book and a couple of posts back you can read about the bean’s aviatrix, made from my handspun.

2 folks will win copies of the springling shawl pattern

springling shawl

2 folks will win copies of the tri-terra cardigan pattern

Tri-terra Cardigan

and 2 folks will win copies of the crossbow hat pattern. the version in the pictures was being worn by my brother-in-law last night when we talked to him on the phone.

crossbow hat

one grand prize winner will get a copy of mixed knits – my ebook.  i’m not posting all those patterns, so i suggest you click the link :)

you have until friday at 8 pm eastern time to get your entries in.  winners of each will be chosen by random number generator and announced on monday along with the next giveaway of the season. you’re allowed to re-gift the pattern immediately, if you so wish.  i can deliver pattern pdfs either by email or by ravelry.  now then.  let us see some of those fine woolens.

18 thoughts on “pattern giveaway – mixed knits!

  1. My children end up with a lot of hats, as they don’t immediately outgrow those, and they get TONS of use in MN. They are good for at least one season!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your wonderful patterns!

  2. Here is Ella in her handknit v-neck vest to finish off her Hermione costume from last Halloween:

    And here’s Henry as an infant in his handknit football helmet, Yoda sweater, and a crocheted sideways shell blanket:

    Oooh, and I love this pic in general – Ella wearing a hat knit from yarn from Faun at Hands & Notions:

  3. HI there! First of all thank you so much for this giveaway, and Happy Holidays to you too!
    I have a cute picture of my friend’s daughter Angelina wearing a hat that I made for her, here it is

    Baby Angelina wearing a hat that I have made for her!


  4. that’s an adorable picture =) thanks so much for the giveaway! here is a picture of my kitty, Mollie, in a bandana and me in the Snapdragon tam by Ysolda =)

  5. Here’s my hub wearing a few of the many hats I’ve made him…

    And here’s me in a hat that’s definitely experiencing the wild…

    And one of my favs…a Reflection hat! This pic comes from my inside my bathroom, but this hat has seen some serious action…

    Last, but not least, my munchkin in one of her handknits…

  6. Here’s my two guys in sweaters I knit for them (scroll down a bit) — Both are wearing sweaters I designed. The one on the left is Irreversible, totally reversable front/back and inside/out. My older son who it was designed for says he hates it b/c he feels like his sweater is always on inside out and backwards. The other is an EZ seamless hybrid sweater. There wasn’t enough yarn for a whole sweater in one color, hence the different color sleeves/yoke. I think I like it, though.

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